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Anger Coping Techniques

Anger In An Uproar
May 26th, 2015

We can review anger carefully to learn the signs; it can help us to find a way to avoid uncontrolled anger. Some of the signs are noticeable when we are anger. For example when your body feels tense, your stomach is in knots, or your mind is cluttered then you are on the verge of anger. Anger affects us all in many ways, but for the most part when we are angry, we feel emotions tangling, tension, knots, and stress in our way. In this article, I am going to tell some real life stories that will help you to see the results of anger both negative and positive. One man with a grandiosity personality became angry one day. When his mind told him that some people are a problem that needs to be removed him influenced thousands of others by his anger and lead them to kill more than a million innocent people. This man was Adolf Hitler. Now we know this man was mentally deranged, but underneath that troubled mind was a source of anger so extreme that it affected billions of people for years to come. This is negative anger that leads us into a war and this was the result of this man's angry mind. A woman walks in the door hoping that someone can help her find a home for her two small children that currently are out on the streets with her. She goes to a public service that offers hope to the needy. When she arrives, she learns that the resources were drained when the flood caused a major disaster. She is referred to other resources that may be able to assist her. Now she is not only thinking about herself, rather she has these two small children to take care of and find them a home. Now the woman has no family and the children are fatherless. We can see a serious problem in front of us. How does she handle this situation? Rather than blowing up and throwing fuel on the fire she thanks the people nicely that just rejected her. She follows up by going to the other resources mentioned to her. Still no hope, so she continues along her journey loosing hope every step of the way when suddenly a woman walks up to her and says hey, I am looking for a roommate. Would you happen to know anyone? The woman overjoyed tells the woman of her predicament and finds relief once the move in is finished. All good things come to those that wait. Now if the woman would have acted out of anger during all this rejections she might have never meet the woman in need of a roommate because her mind would have been in shackles sitting someone on a corner refusing to see a way out. I like to use more extreme causes when it comes to anger. Most people that have anger problems neglect to see how anger can change their life for the worst forever, or enhance their success. Some us blow up in a rage when our buttons are pushed and may feel regret after the assaults are made, but overall it does nothing but causes harm. When you apologize this is great, but it is even better when you take charge of your emotions and anger. Rarely a situation does not have a solution for a problem. However if you are sitting in prison under someone else's control you may never find the answers to your problems. Continuing we can see that anger has a root and often the root produces symptoms. When we are alert to our emotions, we are in control of our anger. If you feel like you cannot take anymore or if you feel the world is, tumbling down on you it is time to ask a trustworthy source for help, since you may be on the verge of exploding when your anger attacks. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. It is the people that do not get help that are in serious trouble and prone to anger. Finally, we see anger in two different lights make your anger positive

Anger in Control

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