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Emotions Flaring and Anger out of Control

Evaluating Anger
May 28th, 2015

When we evaluate our thoughts and emotions, we can often find the answers to our problems. If you are prone to erupt when your emotions are threatened, it might be you are acting irrationally in most instances. When we evaluate we are studying a problem, the value of the problem, the solution to fix the problem, and the significance of the problem. When we evaluate our mind slows down and thinks before it acts. If you are lacking in this area you might want to start practicing now since anger only leads to real problems. Some examples can be seen in the following paragraph. Kerry realizes that her job is creating an emotional interruption, simply because her skills succeed the jobs requirements. Kerry realizes that she is underpaid and this is causing another problem in her life. Kerry's situation is real, since Kerry realizes what the problems are and they truly exist in her life. Now Kerry can procrastinate and allow the problem to increase rather than reviewing her resources and problem carefully. If Kerry decides to evaluate her mind, she might decide to apply for another position or job while continuing to work at her present job. This will allow her to assume her life and have a steady flow of income while she waits for a better position. Once she lands a better career, she can then relax after the rush of the moment has ended. However, if Kerry acts out on her emotions, blows up at the boss and storms out the door. Kerry because of her anger out burst will not have a job, no money, and her future is at risk. The boss will be called when she lands another job and will likely tell the new employers about Kerry's behavior problems. Therefore, Kerry did not fix the problem by evaluating her resources and emotions; rather she added fuel to the fire. As you can see from an example that emotions out of control and anger in action will increase your chances of failure and reduce your way in life. Decisions are an everyday part of life. If you are evaluating your life and making good decisions, you will almost never get off the course of life's journey to success. On the other hand, we must realize when we are evaluating life that problems will arise and that we all must face the problems head on. Keeping a good outlook on life can help you to deal with your anger. If you realize there is no mountain we cannot cross over then we can see a way out of trouble. Let us evaluate mountains. If we are crossing a mountain, we know we need tools, rope, confidence, and a strategy to climb over. Likewise, if we are dealing with anger then we need tools, strategy confidence and hope to endure the road to recovery. We will only need a rope to hang our self with if we do not learning to manage our emotions and anger properly. Think of life as a roller coaster ride where there will be bumps along the way. In reality, the ride is intense, exciting and challenging. If you are challenging the potentials by evaluating your anger and emotions, you are taking control of a rocky situation. Again, most our problems are stemmed from our own decisions and if we learn to stop and think before acting we probably will have less problems along the road to life. If you feel like you are loosing control stop and think. Take a few deep breaths and gather your thoughts and emotions. Review the situation in front of you to see if there is a better way to deal with the problem. The only real way that anger becomes useful is if you are in a situation that is risky and there are no way out. For example, if you are in a fight and the person refuses to comply with your positive behavior then it is obvious something has to give since the other person is not reasonable. We can think of anger as a good force or bad force to see that anger either benefits or leads to a major problem in our life

Fear as a Root of Anger

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