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22signs Of Anger Problems22


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There are many experts claiming to have all the answers for controlling anger. The problem is not all persons with anger act out in the same way. Anger is something we all experience in our lifetime. The problem is not all of us can deal with our emotions appropriately. Some of us when angered will confront the person that upset us, while others will wait for a time before going back to the person and confronting them, only exploding while doing so. Anger is an emotion that explodes when someone frightens us, threatens us, betrays, obstructs, disregards us, or harms us in some way. When this happens, a person will often strike out or ignore the problem until it burns deep in the person's soul and causes an explosion. We can see that if someone is attempting to harm us our natural instincts tell us to fight. If the possibility is available for us to leave the presence of the human being without harm, then we often resort to this method first. However, in most cases, we are not able to walk away then it is time to pull out the sword and battle. If we do not have, anger pushes us to protect then we are in a world of trouble. It takes a real person to walk away from a fight, but what if your back is against the wall. How are you going to handle it? Effective talk can go a long way in a fight. If you know how to use your words with assertiveness, you can walk away from most battles. However, if you do not have this ability your fist better be up and ready to attack. One of the best solutions I found for avoiding both anger and harm is to remove myself permanently from bad influences and environments. This not only prevents problem it also helps me to function accordingly in life. The problem is we cannot always avoid persons that disrespect us, betray us, cheat us, lie to us, or even threaten us. Therefore, we must learn a way to use our anger positive, rather than continue a way that makes matters worse. We can see all the elements that invoke anger when we travel, at home, at school and so forth. There is no way to escape problems, or people that annoy us, therefore, we are a system of angry people needing anger management skills. When a person is angry, his physical tells him or her that a threat is made against the being. The body will respond, acting out with accelerated palpitations of the heart, the pupils flare, the breath increases or decreases, and our tone is louder when we speak. The body will tell us with dry mouth and tension of the body that we are mad. If two people engage, in an angry moment, it is best to step back and deal with the problem once you have both calmed down. If a person has angry issues it is, best to tell the person I will talk with you later, since this is going nowhere. Try to use positive talk to calm the person, rather than joining in the heated dispute. If the person has, a problem with anger the last thing you want is to get hurt mentally, verbally, or physically. Anger depends on the person's attitude, and if that person is negative, you can bet his or her level of anger will be out of control. A person with anger problems will often attack by insulting you verbally, striking you physically, or mentally belittling you. If you are dealing with this type of person, you will need to learn techniques to deal with this person, unless you plan to leave them behind. Most of this type of person views the world as a source of evil. The entire world around them is responsible for the person feeling angry, since the actions forced them to think this way. In light, this person is correct to a degree; however, he or she has not learned how to manage their anger. When a person feels like this, they often neglect seeing that their success is a failure in many cases because of their behaviors. Therefore, we need them to see that anger management is controlling anger

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