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Acknowledging Anger Problem


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acknowledging anger problem

Anger is a source of hate that includes prejudice. We can see anger by looking back at the white men that evaded the camps of the American Indians. The men rushed through the camps, starting fires, shooting people at random, and causing a commotion that interrupted an entire village. We can also see anger when we review what the white man did to the African-Americans. The men used these human beings as sex toys, objects, laborers, and so on. We can see in two examples that greed and envy played a large part in the actions committed against the people, and that anger was a root of the behaviors. We can also see that greed played a large part since power and control was the focus. Greed came into focus of the anger illustrated when we see that the enemy wanted something that did not belong to them. They started with envy, greed and then enforced their anger to take what they wanted, or force the group of people to do what they wanted them to do. We can see that money played a large part in this action also, which links to greed and envy the underlying sources of anger. Therefore, the root started with money, then envy, greed, which lead to anger outbursts against another group of individuals. The cause was noted as prejudice, which is a form of hate, and this instigated the ultimate actions taking against these groups of people. At this time, they had trading posts and bartering systems where many people trading one product for another of equal value. The persons would trade for land, fur, food and so forth. There was not point in the incidents that took place in this time, since in reality no one owns the land but God who in turn gave it to all of us. If someone believed they owned the land, then trading should have been negotiated for a part of the land, rather than brutally murder, which was a reaction of anger. Likewise, the slaves were sent across the oceans and sold to the American people by their own race. This too was because of money, greed, and envy. Prejudice may have been involved since the source that sold the slaves probably viewed the people as less superior. We can see that anger is in the picture, simply because the roots and history are there to prove this. However, it may not have been uncontrolled anger to the degree a person can express anger. It did however cause anger down through the centuries as people began fighting for their equal rights. Starting with the Civil War we can see that these behaviors of others caused a much more severe eruption of anger in a group of people and it was all because of prejudice. First, and foremost if God is not prejudice who gave these people the right to judge. The issue can be dealt with by relating to the prejudice itself. If a person is prejudice, it is often due to lack of understanding. When someone is different, it often poses a threat to others, simply because they do not understand. This causes anger to build, since most people when threatened become angry. Now we can look at these examples as a whole and see that anger affects everyone. We see that anger started with one person or group of people and continued throughout the history. Obviously then, anger is an epidemic that all of us are influenced by, or has experienced. Therefore, if you are prejudice you should sit down and review the history, and think about what prejudice really means. If you are this angry with a group of people, it is simply because you lack understanding. Ignorance then is another source that leads to angry outbursts. Prejudice is not only ignorant; it is stupid if you are not willing to learn. Our history has shown us that anger is tolerable in the system, yet it is something we do not want to tolerate. We can see that the system allowed anger in the, yet is now regretting their tolerance. We can see this as the system is struggling to undo what has already been done requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 0 seconds. Current time: 8:51:39 PM