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Acknowledging Anger Problem

acknowledging anger problem

How can physical fitness control anger? Experts have proven that physical fitness reduces health risks, stress, heart attacks, aging, and helps a person to manage his or her emotions where anger exists. Stretching exercises alone has proven to enhance bones, joints, cells and other parts internally and externally of our body. It has been proven to enhance cognitive thinking and reduce anger outbursts. When a person feels good about them self anger often knocks when a real threat is in the making. If you are a patient with arthritis then your nerves are affected, which makes it difficult for you to control your temper when your emotions are interrupted, therefore, exercise has proven to reduce pain and suffering of arthritis symptoms. This makes it easy for a person to productively move ahead in life and avoid uncontrolled anger interruptions. Riding a bike is one of the best tools for reducing arthritis symptoms and also enforcing positive emotions. Research has proven that insulin plays a large role on emotions since insulin when low or high can affect both the body and mind. If a person has low or high insulin they are subject to explode when the anger emotion is threatened. There is no sole human being identical that includes our body types, emotional status, values, metabolism; motivation, needs, thought process, toxemia, as well as many other factors make us all different. Therefore, when we are dealing with emotions we need to learn our self, accept what we cannot change and move ahead. When you are taking care of your mind and body your success is just around the corner. However if you are allowing anger to rule your mind then the body is in harms way and your life is in chaos. When you exercise, you are reducing the emotion that enforces anger and will likely respond to your anger more appropriately. The human body includes a number of tissues, bones, cells, nerve endings and so forth. When we understand our body, it will lead us to understand our minds. The body relies on you to provide the necessities that enforce survival. Endomorphs affect our weight, while hormones control our body's nervous system, brain, and the body's electrical components. Hormones in fact determine how a person will feel inside, how the person thinks, and what the person will look like in life. Therefore, we must understand the internal organs and take care of them by providing healthy foods and exercise to maintain a quality of life. If we understand the body and mind, we know that the gland hormones, nuclei, which are a chemicals in cluster that produce brain cells and a variety of functions can cause us emotional interruptions if someone is not taking care of them. When chemicals are produced in the hormones in reduces the chances of aging, and we can avoid emotional interruptions more often. Hormones also affect the memory, blood pressure and perceptions of all of us and if chemicals are sent to the through the blood hitting the endocrine glands then the body, including the nervous system is affected in a large way. Therefore, we see that exercise and healthy diet can reduce our anger problem and increase our body and minds survival and success. Our mind and body is the ruling of our lives. If we are taking care of the joint team then we are making progress. If you are dealing with anger, you might want to start exercises slowly and progress to a healthy schedule. Even if your anger is, a result of mental illness or physical disability exercise and a healthy diet can go a long way. If you have a mental illness or medical condition you might explode in anger from time to time, but overall you will have control over your emotions and life. It is all about being in control that makes us flare of act assertive. If we are taking care of our minds and body with exercise and nutrition then we are taking control of the sources within. Anger only increases problems in most cases; therefore, we need to control our anger and emotion to prevent harm


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