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Anger And Self Esteem


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When you are conquering anger, you are taking control of your life. We all lose control from time to time, but if anger is getting the best of you each time you are rejected, frightened, or interrupted emotional then there is obviously a problem existing. If you feel, you have a problem controlling your anger you might need anger management therapy or mental health services. You might even visit your doctor to see if a medical condition is not contributing to your anger. It depends on the person, but in most instances, we all deal with distresses, stress, and aggravation most of our lives. It is learning how to deal with it that counts. Anger is an emotion than can cause us more trouble that what existed causing the problem in the first place. Self-control is often needed if two or more people are involved in a conflict. If more than one person is angered in this group then problems will occur if both parties are striking out at each other. Problems often get deeper when anger bursts occur. When anger is controlling our society, we will always have crimes, abuse, violence, health issues, heart attacks, mental illnesses, and so forth. As you can see, nothing good comes from uncontrolled anger. After careful study the statistics of angry emotions has concluded that all of us have the ability to kill, harm, injure, or sabotage another person (s) life. When a person is angry is often a result of threatened emotions, such as hurt of our self-importance, rejections, difficult to deal with prospects, and antagonistic flight of the imaginations. Most of us are selfish and will often consider self rather than considering others first. When we do not get our way sometimes, we might blow a fuse and strike at the target that made us mad. Our actions often prove failure since it leads to more problems. If both parties are screaming at each other it often instills additional anger that builds up and remains there until the opportunity is available to blow another fuse. This goes on and on and nothing is resolved. Our countries have a higher divorce rate than ever and it is often because the couples could not come to a term of agreement. Now if one person out of each home is using their head in the heat of the moment then we have a hope. We can see in one example how anger got in the way and caused a major problem. A couple is off work for the day and the man is irritable and snaps as his wife. His wife looses her cool and shouts at the husband calling him a stupid jerk. She continues to scream at him telling him that he does not respect her and finally he looses his cool and joins in the screaming match. The two argue and scream at each other for short time and then the wife turns on her heels and storms in the bedroom slamming the door behind her. She yells through the door, by the way you are sleeping on the couch tonight jerk. Now if the wife would have said honey you seem irritable is there something I can do to ease your mind. Is there a problem we can work through together? What do you think would happen if the tables were turned and the wife approached the husband lovingly and offering her support? The couple would be sleeping together in their bedroom enjoying a peaceful rest most likely. We can look at another example were the anger is a little more out of control. For example, what if the wife is menstruating and she is irritable and her husband is tired of her rejecting him. Now he approaches his wife and calls her a selfish witch. She shouts at him and tells him he is not respecting her feelings, and he then starts shouting back at the wife. The wife gets mad at her husband and slaps him across the face, punching and kicking him as her anger increases. Now we see we got a serious problem in front of us, and one or the other is leaving because they are tired of the other. Now if the couple would have took a deep breath and stayed away from the other it might have proved effective later. However, if the husband would have been supported to his wife's emotions during her monthly cycle we would most likely had good results and a problem on top of the existing problem would not exist. Uncontrolled anger is selfish and it hurts others, therefore we must all learn how to manage our anger and emotions

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