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What are the signs of anger? Since everyone is different it can be impossible to define, however since anger is the same we can sum it up. Angry persons will assault others, whether it is verbally or physically. An anger person will slap, hit, punch, threaten, shove, or kick others when their anger arises. They are often aggressive, sarcastic, nagging, and will often complain about everything. They are malicious toward others, which includes spreading rumors, retaliating, or defiantly striking out against another. Persons with anger problems often display anti-social behaviors, including denial and inability to relate to others. Angry persons often act out in hate and will go out of their way to hurt others in the process. They often have negative thinking patterns and these patterns are displayed to others. When a person is angry, they often tell others that you are stupid. Alternatively, you are ugly and no one wants you. This is belittling the other person and the angry person often finds relief. When a person has difficulty dealing with his or her anger they will often vent their lack the ability to trust others. They are often suspicious, whining, judgmental, and often jealous of others. They will act out disruptively, and retort to disobliging reactions. A person with anger issues will often try to under mind anyone around them. These types of people are no fun to be around and they do need help. Recently I dealt with a woman that had uncontrollable anger issues. For no apparent reason she would react to minor issues. Issues such as a child eating too much or eating something that she envied was enough to instigate a reaction. Sometimes she was mild in her acts, and other times she was outrageous. In most instances, she had no foundation for her behavior; however, there was an underlying source. The woman did in fact display anti-social behaviors, and often communicated erupting thinking patterns. For example, she would say that all men are pigs. She also talked about leading men on; leading them to her basement and having alligators eat them alive. The woman was deranged and very sick minded. Now she was diagnosed with Bipolar - Manic Depression, and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. After carefully examining her, I dismissed Posttraumatic Stress or at most minimized the diagnosed since most of her symptoms were that of histrionic, anti-social traits. Now the root of her anger according to her was that the many men she endured relationships with mistreated her. This may have been partial reason, but the truth showed when she talked about her life. She was adopted; therefore, she had a sense of abandonment. The root her is obvious, since she most likely hated her parents for tossing her away like garbage. Even if the parents were justifiable, or rather had a good cause to adopt, she refuses to hear the other side. Since the woman had ongoing symptoms of this type of behavior, I noticed that treatment would probably never work since she was a victim of her own state of mind and in complete denial. I noticed that the woman had anger deep within due to her own behaviors. She acted out criminally, writing bad checks and justifying it. Therefore, the symptoms she endured were partially her own making. She created her anger and paranoia, therefore her anger is on her and no one else. However, angry people will under mind others. For example, the angry person might say something to the affect: try these diet pills they will help you loose weight. Now the person knows that the target has an area of self-esteem since she is normal weight, but thinks she is fat. Therefore, the angered person is trying to belittle the individual by under minding her. An angry person will also seek attention and often use negative words. For example, I am fat. Now the person is waiting for you to tell her that she is exaggerating. The best thing to do in this instances is do not sit yourself up for a fall. No matter how many times you tell the person that she is not fat, or she just needs to drop a few pounds you are never going to satisfy her mind, since denial is the root

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