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Anger Criminal Activity

We all have rules we must follow in life. If we are not following those rules then consequences result. We are taught as children to not steal, lie, cheat, or hurt another person, yet some of us believe the rules are only set for certain individuals. At one time in our life we may had taking another direction, or else our emotions are the source that we use often to control our lives. Some of us even hurt others, including intimidating, humiliating, or assaulting the person physically believing we have the right to do so. When we hurt others, it satisfies our covetous side and the person often disregards the person harmed. The type of person described will offer charm others leading them to believe that they are a role model in society. Yet, the anger burning within the person will lead him or her to crimes, including robbery, theft, burglary, assaults, and so on. This type of angry person will harm others and never believe that consequences should be issued to him or her. For example, they may steal something from another person and reason that the person did not deserve it, while the perpetrator did. The person may batter his or her spouse and blame it on the victim, rather than taking responsibility for his or her action and behaviors. The anger then is a root of hatred of people rather than a hatred of what people do. This type will often become aggressive whether there is cause or not. Most times the person will act on his or her impulses, which includes risky behaviors. The person will often neglect responsibility and will assault, humiliate, intimidate, and control others around them. Now the anger is different in this case, since a personality disorders is obvious. There are many techniques available to help those with anger problems, but this type often refuses help and when help is available will often use it to their advantage. Most times these types will meet the criminal justice system, by paying fines, spending time in jail, and so on. This often continues throughout the person's life, since no help has been proven workable for the personality types. Therefore, we are dealing with anger that is buried deeper than any technique can handle. A walk around the block, a ride on a bicycle, writing, dance, art, or none of the prescribed techniques or going to master the anger in the realm of these angry minds. The only possible solution is waiting until this type kills or commits a felony that will get them life in prison. Once in prison they will function best, since more control is on them. Until scientist come up with a technique that involves controlling and the law permits this, then these angry minds will exist and harm others repeatedly. The angry minds will enjoy harming others, including animals. They have no sympathy or regard for anyone, including a newborn child. They often enjoy dominating everyone around them, and will promise to change their behaviors obsessive when someone starts to care. This is a trap! If a person is telling you this, he or she is lowing you into a web of the mind of anger that will burn out of control until someone controls the mind permanently. The personality type will often avoid working, but when they do land a job, they often search for careers that put them in total control. Since prejudice plays a role in their lives, they often belittle the different gender, or race. Everyone is responsible for his or her behavior and actions, and they are excused from all behaviors including sexual, rape, murder, theft and so forth. We all can find an answer for controlling our emotions and anger; but in this case, no one has a known answer to date. Some examples of angry minds can be seen in the case studies of Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, Jack the Ripper, John Wayne Gacy, Henry Howard and other named Serial Killers. If you walk in the realm of an angry mind, walk with extreme caution. In conclusion, anger management is no master to the angry minds


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