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There are numerous uses for aromatherapy essential oils, each one having unique properties and benefits. How they are used is also determine by the individual oil and the desired outcome. For example, lemongrass is said to promote concentration and focus and is recommended to be used in a lamp diffuser.

Spearmint is another of the aromatherapy essential oils working as a stimulant to the central nervous system, said to counter depression. Used as a massage oil it refreshes the skin and helps tired muscles. Although many so-called aromatherapy essential oils have a pleasing fragrance, they may offer little or no therapeutic value beyond smelling good, such as oils from the pomegranate.

There are several aromatherapy essential oils used in aromatherapy that are also used for massage therapy for relaxation as well as for their therapeutic value. It is well known that the scent of lavender boosts relaxation and stress relief when used in a candle or diffuser, but it also highly touted when included in a massage oil. The body can absorb essential oils in two methods. When massaged into the skin they are they are absorbed into the blood stream and when inhaled, such as from a candle or diffuser, they enter through the nasal passage and into the lungs before entering the blood stream.

Grade Of Oil Determines Benefit

It is estimated that about 90 percent of the aromatherapy essential oils sold in the United States are fragrance or food grade oils and for the most part simply smell good. Therapeutic grade aromatherapy essential oils typically contain a minimum of 75 percent oil along with water, vegetable oil or some other medium. The therapeutic grade oils are touted as the ones offering most health benefits, especially for massages, while perfume and food grades may offer some benefit through the aroma.

The uses of aromatherapy essential oils by those who practice holistic healing claim the positive effects of the oils help heal the mind, body and spirit. Whether the oils are inhaled or massaged into the skin, they consider the approach to have a positive effect at all levels. This approach looks at the whole person for healing with emphasis on physical and mental well-being in addition to social and spiritual growth.

Aromatherapists will not diagnose illnesses or injuries, rather they will accept physicians’ diagnosis and work with aromatherapy essential oils known to them to provide benefit for the issues identified by the professional medical practicioner.

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