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If you have found the benefits of aromatherapy, and you would like to take your treatments with you as you go about your day, the solution may be to purchase a few pieces of aromatherapy jewelry that will offer you relaxation or invigoration on the go. There are many retailers who sell aromatherapy jewelry, both in stores and on the Internet, so you will not be lacking in selection. However, there are some important guidelines to keep in mind as you shop for your jewelry pieces so that you end up with accessories that are safe and effective as well as beautiful.

One of the most popular styles of aromatherapy jewelry is to hang an amphora or an essendulum on a chain for a necklace. These attractive pendants come in a variety of designs and colors, so that you can coordinate your aromatherapy with your wardrobe. The pendants are actually miniature vials that house the aromatherapy oils of your choice, giving you a whiff of your therapeutic scent throughout your day, no matter where you are. Other popular choices in aromatherapy jewelry are bracelets and rings that will give you smaller doses of your scents, but can be a fashionable alternative to carry your oils with you as you go from work to play.

History and Safety

Aromatherapy jewelry has been worn for generations, particularly by cultures like the Native Americans and Hispanic communities where the aromatherapy jewelry was worn to add fragrance to the body and ward off evil spirits. Today’s jewelry pieces may be slightly more refined and updated than those worn by past cultures, but they offer the same benefits as those used previously. Because the times have changed however, it is important to exercise some steps and precautions to ensure that your jewelry is safe as well as beneficial. First, always fill your vials in your jewelry with oil that is at room temperature to prevent burning of the skin that the piece will touch. It is also a good idea to use a carrier oil to subdue the scent and diffuse the aroma in a more gradual manner.

Keep in mind that your aromatherapy jewelry will need to be refilled often, since the small portion of scent will diffuse rather quickly. To avoid having to fill more often than necessary, select oil with a potent aroma that will have a tendency to linger longer. If you blend your oil properly with a carrier like baby oil, you will not need to worry about the scent becoming overpowering. Once you fill your jewelry piece, let it set for a few minutes to ensure that it has cooled down properly before you put it on. Aromatherapy jewelry will offer you an aromatherapy treatment at any time of the day, no matter where you are. Check stores and the Internet to find your favorite pieces of aromatherapy jewelry today.

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