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Retailers of all sizes are used to buying merchandise at a wholesale price in order to reap profits from their sale at retail. Even those selling at flea markets and craft sales look for bargains and many want to buy wholesale aromatherapy candles so they can provide the product at a reasonable price while still making a profit on the sale.

Some retailers offer discounts if a person buys in bulk, however the price will never be as low as wholesale as even though the retailer may still make money on the sale, they would have to sell an abundance of an item to recoup profit lost selling at quantity discounts. Typically, to enjoy being able to buy at a wholesale rate, the buyer has to show they are a licensed vendor, often by offering a state vendor’s license as proof, and some sellers of wholesale aromatherapy candles do not collect sales tax on the wholesale sales and the buyer will have to assume that responsibility.

Whether you can get a better price buying wholesale aromatherapy candles will depend in the mix the seller allows you to put together to meet the price demands. For example, if you are required to buy a set amount of the same scented candles to complete an order you could end up out of stock on popular scents and overstocked on some scents that people do not want. Being able to place a bulk order for a total quantity without regard to individual scents is a better deal for the buyer.

Try Putting Your Name On The Label

Some suppliers of wholesale aromatherapy candles offer what they call private label candles, on which you can have your own label designed and placed on the candles. This process helps you establish yourself as a legitimate supplier to the public as a candle seller and also keeps your name in front of your customers when it is time for them to reorder.

You can design your own private label, including pertinent company information and include important information about the product and include safety tips as well. You can also have the company design the label for you, including the information needed based on their experience. They may cost a little more than the usual wholesale aromatherapy candles, but they will not look like a generic candle, nor will they have another company’s name on them.

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