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Organic aromatherapy means the essential oils used for aromatherapy are grown organically. These oils are often sold full strength but may also be sold diluted. Diluted oils mean that only a percentage of the oil is of the desired extract and the remainder is carrier oil such as almond or avocado.

Organic aromatherapy offers a unique purity which will smell and work better for many people than the non organic varieties. One of the principles of aromatherapy is using natural methods rather than synthetic.

When purchasing essential oils it is good to be sure the oils are certified organic and pure essential oils; unless diluted oils are desired, in which case the blending ratio should be mentioned with the product description.

Common Essential Oils

Using lavender for organic aromatherapy is a good place to start; lavender is a light subtle scent that has many therapeutic purposes. A few drops of the organic essential oil can be placed in an ounce of almond oil to produce relaxing massage oil.

The organic aromatherapy essential oil can also be placed on a cotton cloth to scent the bedding after washing. Simply place 3-4 drops of the pure essential oil onto a plain cotton cloth, after the load of laundry is dried add the scented cloth and tumble with the heat off for an additional 10-15 minutes.

Organic aromatherapy lemon essential oil can be placed in water to make a powerful house hold cleanser. Adding tea tree oil to the lemon cleaner will transform the cleanser into a gentle but powerful disinfectant.

Lemon essential oil for organic aromatherapy can also be added to honey to make drinking hot tea even more enjoyable. Breathing in the herbal scent of the tea combined with the stimulating scent of lemon can make for a very enjoyable morning treat.

For a all over scent to use every day organic aromatherapy essential oils such as Rose, Jasmine, and chamomile can make a lovely daily spritzer alone or drops of the essential oil can be combined to make a individualized scent.

To make the spritzer from organic aromatherapy essential oils simply choose the desired oil or oils, combine 30-40 drops of the essential oil to four ounces of distilled water. Place the mixture in a spray bottle, shake vigorously to mix; the spritzer will require shaking before each use because the oil will never completely combine with the water.

Organic aromatherapy is a fun and interesting way to alter ones mood or simply enjoy a favorite scent. The superior quality of organic oils give the finished product unsurpassed quality. requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 1 seconds. Current time: 6:50:04 AM