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To help with self-healing there are numerous aromatherapy products available to fit any circumstance and need. From massage lotions and oils to essential oils for candle making there are products available to help with the distribution of the oils. Suppliers are available from around the globe and can also supply retailers with their wholesale supplies.

Many people are looking for diversity in their aromatherapy products such as bath oils and candles to complement their body lotions and massage oil. Preferably, all of the aromatherapy products will be the same scents, although different ones create a different environment. For those looking to relax, for instance, lavender is the all-around aroma while peppermint is said to offer awareness and vivid thought. Regardless of the type of oil used, there are numerous ways to disperse the benefits throughout your home.

The basic method is through the use of candles. With essential oils used in making the candles, the aroma is spread throughout the house. The size of the candle will depend on the size of the room, but the common procedure is to not light an aromatherapy candle unless you have enough time to allow it to burn off the entire top layer. Most aromatherapy products, like candles, are used for too short a period and the full effect is not realized. Additionally, by not burning the candle an adequate amount of time causes it to burn in the middle and leave a wall around the edges.

Heat Most Efficient Means To Disperse Oil

There are a few aromatherapy products for spreading the aroma when using oils, such as diffusers or nebulizers. Diffusers rely on some method of heating the oil, such as electric or candles, or can be placed in a light bulb ring to heat the oil and disperse it through the room. Nebulizers create a fine mist, which is then sprayed in the room. There are diffusers in which the oils are soaked in a cloth pad and placed in front of a small fan to blow the scent throughout the room as well as those that connect to the air vents of your car. Whenever the car’s fan is running the scent of the oil is dispersed throughout the vehicle.

Another method used is hot stones on which oil is dripped and the aroma is spread. The stones are often heat by a candle or in an electric heater and once warm coated with essential oils. A small fan may be used to heap disperse the heated oil.

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