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Hyaline Cartilage is found with in the knees, and the cartilage often deteriorates with osteoarthritis. This is a condition is painful and can be difficult to live with as the simple act of walking or a change in the weather can set the area to feel inflamed.

There are many treatment options for this condition of the hyaline cartilage and aromatherapy can help to ease the pain. The pain is remedied by both the soothing scents, and the healing qualities of the herbs used to make the aromas.

Many holistic remedies work best in conjunction with traditional medicine; a doctor should be consulted before trying any treatment for painful knees or any other illness. Arthritis of the knees affects hyaline cartilage and aromatherapy treatments can ease this arthritis pain.

Aromatic Suggestions

Some herbalists suggest using essential oils as part of aromatherapy for hyaline cartilage pain treatment. Some popular essential oils are Eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, thyme, and ginger. These essential oils can be found in gels available at pharmacies or a compound can be made by mixing essential oils and some base oil.

Natural creams such as shea butter are also commonly used as a medium for aromatherapy and hyaline cartilage pain treatments. The essential oils can be added to the shea butter and then smoothed over the knees as needed to massage the pain away.

Another delivery system for aromatherapy for hyaline cartilage pain is a poultice pouch. A poultice pouch is moist warm herbs in a cheese cloth or tea towel placed directly on the area; using the aromatherapy plants such as lavender, rosemary, and thyme in the pouch can have the aromatic effects with the benefits of added heat to soothe the pain.

When cold relief to the pain of hyaline cartilage and aromatherapy treatments are desired the person could try the raw herbs wrapped in a damp tea towel or cheese cloth frozen. Applying the cold herb and cloth to the aching knees can help to dull the pain of a long day or poor weather conditions.

Aromatherapy for all kinds of pain and stages of mental well being has been practiced for thousands of years. Before modern medicine herbal remedies called for herbs, roots, plant, vegetables, and fruits to all be used for curing all illnesses; some of these practices are still used today.

Aromatherapy is one of those tried and true homeopathic remedies to compliment a complete medical strategy. Herbs aren’t effective enough to do the job alone but with a doctor’s approval herbs can help the patient take an active part in their treatment and enjoy them selves while doing it.

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