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Bringing baby home means making your home safe for your home. For your home it means getting rid of anything that might hurt your baby. Sometimes you don’t think twice about the products you use on your skin. It never seems like the products you put on your skin could be harmful.

That’s because we don’t think twice about how many chemicals there are in the beauty products. When it comes to your baby you need to make sure that you use products that have no chemicals and are not going to irritate your baby’s skin. It’s also better for the environment.

Natural Ingredients

When you are choosing your infant skin care looking for products without fragrances are a must. Fragrances are unnecessary and can irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. Colours are also unnecessary and again they can cause irritation to your baby’s skin.

Organic baby skin care will help you avoid the problems of chemical irritation. This is because organic baby skin care products are designed by people who place an importance on natural skin care that is free from artificial chemicals.

A look at the ingredients on organic baby skin care products and you will see that they are mostly plant based. Organic baby skin care is gentler and in some cases can do the job better than products that are made from petrochemicals.

Good For Mom Too

The organic baby skin care products that you use for your baby are good for you too. You can use the moisturisers that you use on your baby’s skin for yourself. The same wonderful things that happen to your baby skin will happen to yours. After all if it’s good enough for your baby it’s good enough for you.

You can even find alternate uses for the organic baby skin care products that you use. Diaper creams and balms can be used to soothe sunburned skin and insect bites. Many of the ingredients in these organic baby skin care products are meant to sooth inflammation and hydrate the skin. Exactly what you need when you’ve been in the sun too long.

The same baby oils you use to massage your baby and keep baby’s skin hydrated and soft will also be great for your skin when you need to massage your hands and feet. You will soon have the healthy glow of your pregnancy back that might have been lost during all those sleepless nights.

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