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Congratulations! You have had a baby! You are probably counting his or her fingers and toes, gazing into your baby’s sweet little eyes, and breathing in the new baby smell. You may be all ready at home with baby care products including diapers and wipes and soap for your little one. However, maternal and infant health care post delivery can be a difficult and trying time. You may not know exactly what to expect for your own body as well as your infant’s. Here is some information on maternal and infant health care post delivery.

Maternal Health Care Post Delivery

Maternal care and infant health care post delivery are very different. Maternal health care deals with you, the mother, and your health and wellness. After delivering a baby vaginally, you may have some tears or an episiotomy. To care for yourself, avoid doing anything too strenuous or difficult. Avoid stairs if at all possible. Things like coughing, laughing, standing up, sitting down, walking, carrying the baby, and other seemingly easy and simple things may cause you a great deal of pain. Make use of the sitz bath that the hospital gave you, and use witch hazel pads as well as anti pain sprays that you may have been given. Give it time, and your body will heal.

In addition, make sure that you are eating healthily. This is one thing that many new mothers forget to do. If your body is not functioning, you will not be able to focus on your infant’s health and wellbeing.

Infant Health Care Post Delivery

As stated previously, maternal and infant health care post delivery are quite different. Maternal and infant health care, however, are linked in that both are essential to staying healthy. A baby needs certain things in the first few hours of his or her life. At the hospital, he or she will be given vaccinations (if you choose), as well as silver nitrate eye drops and a vitamin K shot to help with blood clotting (again, if you choose). Once you get home, however, the baby’s everyday health care needs will be in your hands.

The most basic infant health care need is cleanliness. You must change the baby’s diaper regularly to keep your baby clean and to avoid diaper rash. If you see a rash forming, use diaper rash cream or baby powder. You must also bathe your baby, preferably every other day. When the cord is still attached, do not remove the cord and do not get it wet in the bath tub.

To discuss other maternal and infant health care options and necessities post delivery, talk to your OB/GYN for yourself and the baby’s pediatrician for any questions concerning your infant.

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