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Get A Baby Adjusted To Daycare

There are now many products being marketed as the best for your newborn baby. It might surprise you to know that some experts believe that these baby products may actually do more harm than good. You want to avoid exposing your baby to chemicals as long as possible so that your babyís skin can mature on its own and allergies, eczema, and other irritations will not occur.

The simplest baby skin care is what your baby needs. So avoid any kind of chemicals for the first month of your babyís life. In fact when bathing your baby in the first month you should only use water and cotton wool to bathe baby. You can comb thick hair with a baby comb to keep it clean during bath time.

Nature Knows Best

Nature is the best way to go when thinking of the best way to approach baby skin care. Natural baby skin care means not interfering with babies skin as much as possible. When your baby is born you may notice a white substance that is sticky in texture on your babyís skin. This is a natural moisturiser so donít wipe it away, allow it to be absorbed into the skin naturally.

If your baby is premature then it is even more important that you hold back on any products. This is because a premature babyís skin is even more delicate than other babies. The best time to start baby skin care for your premature baby is after the exact due date of your baby.

Keeping The Cord Clean

Before your babyís cord falls out you need to make sure that the area remains clean and dry. There is no need to use any powders or lotions when stating baby skin care for your newborn. If the area gets dirty simply use cotton wool and water to wipe it clean before patting dry.

If your baby is premature or sick then the baby skin care routine you should follow for keeping the cord clean may be different. You may need to use antiseptic wipes as part of baby skin care to keep baby clear of any infections. Ask your doctor for advise when it comes to baby skin care for your premature or sick baby.

Start using baby wipes only after your baby is a month old. Make sure that the baby wipes you use are alcohol free, free of fragrances, and as mild as you can possibly find. Emollient based moisturisers are the best for your newborn baby and will be the best thing to use for baby skin care.