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Importance Of Bathing Newborn
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Average Cost For Baby Needs
When Does New Born Skin Develop In Mother Womb

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Importance Of Bathing Newborn Baby


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Caring for your new baby can be daunting, there are suddenly so many rules you have to follow and your afraid to make a mistake. The rules for infant skin care are fairly simple and common sense.

If you keep in mind the whole time that your baby has sensitive skin and has skin that is still developing you will be able to better decide what is best for your infant skin care. Some general rules will also give you the best natural baby skincare.

Bath Time

Babies don’t need to have baths everyday like the rest of us. This is in part because of their sensitive skin that can get very dry with too many baths. A bath every other day is fine. You should avoid giving your baby a tub bath until the umbilical cord falls out. Until this happens you should give your baby sponge baths. Make sure to keep your baby’s bottom and face clean.

The best time for baths is first thing in the morning or before feeding time at the end of the day. If you find that your baby is too hungry then wait a half hour before giving baby a bath. A bath at the end of the end before feeding time will help your baby fall asleep.


When it comes to infant skin care the philosophy less is more comes to mind. You hardly need anything to keep your baby healthy. Lotions are really not necessary though some companies promote lotions as a necessary part of infant skin care.

Talcum powder is also not necessary for infant skin care. In fact you should avoid putting talcum powder on your baby’s skin as it can clog pores and irritate skin. Some experts believe shampoo, even baby shampoo is not necessary. Though you may have to use baby shampoo if your baby develops cradle cap.

Heat Rash

Heat rash is common among babies and is usually caused by overdressing your baby. Small raised red bumps on your baby’s body are symptomatic of heat rash. Don’t worry about it too much, all you need to do is dress your baby in less layers and give your baby a cool bath, though make sure it’s not cold.

Cord Care

Infant skin care for the umbilical cord is also fairly simple. Clean the are around the umbilical cord with a little bit of rubbing alcohol and cotton wool. It doesn’t hurt though the cold sensation may cause your baby to start a little. Contact your doctor if it starts to smell badly or you notice blood coming from the umbilical cord.

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