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Importance Of Bathing Newborn Baby

Keeping your babyís skin smooth and soft is a priority for every new parent out there. Like any new parent you probably have concerns about chemicals and keeping them away from your child. There is a growing awareness that chemicals are bad for your baby and should be avoided as much as possible.

This is why natural baby skin care is growing in popularity. Using baby products that have no chemicals and all natural ingredients is a good way to keep your babyís skin smooth while protecting it from the chemicals that we come into contact everyday.

What To Use

Baby oil is one of those things that we immediately assume is fine to use on baby. After all itís meant specifically for a babyís skin, right? Some traditional baby oils are petrol based and these are very bad for brand new skin that is thinner than your own skin and vulnerable to the elements.

Look for natural baby skin care that are made from natural ingredients. Almond oil, olive oil, and grape seed oil are all gentle enough to use on babyís skin. Avoid anything with fragrances. Natural baby skin care products donít need to smell good to do their job. Your baby smells wonderful naturally.

Some products may be certified organic baby skin care products, these are also fine to use. It is probably best to use organic products when you are using products derived from plants as this means the plants were not grown with chemicals.

You need only the bare minimum of natural baby skin care products to keep baby clean. This means you only need a mild cleansing soap, a moisturiser, and a diaper cream in the first year of your babyís life. Shampoo is not necessary until your baby is a year old.

Baby wipes are a must for all parents, they help with changing diapers, cleaning messes, and overall can be life savers. You can find baby wipes that are free from chemicals when shopping for natural baby skin care products. Look for baby wipes with aloe vera as this will help to protect skin and keep it moist.

When you decide to go with natural baby skin care products you should keep the products you use to a minimum. Your babyís skin knows best and needs very little to remain healthy. If in doubt talk to your paediatrician about what to use and more importantly what not to use.