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Importance Of Bathing Newborn Baby

Helping baby be happy and healthy is important and one way to do this is to massage baby everyday. besides helping baby to relax massage is a great way to start a baby skin care routine. There are all sorts of benefits to use massage as a part of your everyday baby care.

If baby was born prematurely massage can be hugely helpful and is an ideal way to start baby care. Once you start massaging your baby not only will your baby be happy but you will be too. After all babies love being touched and what better way to do this than a twenty minute massage.


Having a new baby at home is stressful for everyone as it is a brand new being who has its own personality, moods, and routine. Learning to adjust to having a baby that needs to be fed every two hours can be stressful and a great way to unwind and bond with your baby is to start massaging baby once a day.

The ideal way to start this baby care routine is to wait an hour after a feed and then lightly massage baby. Use a natural oil such as olive oil, almond oil, or grape seed oil to reduce friction between your fingers and your babyís sensitive skin. The pressure you use should be as light as what you might use to rub your eyelids.

Easing Pain

If baby has colic or is teething then using massage in your baby care routine will help soothe these frustrating pains of babyhood. Colic can leave baby feeling tense so a massage will help to ease this and also help to give baby a better nightís sleep. You too will be able to sleep better if your child is not restless the whole night.

With the arms and legs you should start from the top and massage downwards slowly and gently. When it comes to the face move outward and upward. Place baby on his or her back and make small circles from the top of babyís back downwards, avoid the spinal area.

Massage will help to make other aspects of baby care easier for you. Particularly helping baby get into a regular sleep routine. If your baby is premature then massaging baby in hospital will help relax baby and you could have your baby home sooner than if you didnít massage your baby. This aspect of baby care can also be undertaken by new dads who are afraid to pick baby up and need bonding time with their new child.