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List Of Things A Newborn Baby Needs

New parents may feel at a loss as they take care of their newborn. There is a need for these new parents to learn the baby care basics that every parent should know regarding newborns and babies. Baby care basics consists of the many how to's and what to do's that newbie parents are faced with in their daily lives with a new baby. Baby care basics aid in making the lives of new parents easier with their newborn. Newborn baby care is one of the more important aspects of baby care basics.

How To Hold A Newborn

Baby care basics regarding how to hold a newborn, show that the parent should support the newborn baby's body when carrying him or her. This is to say that the neck should also be supported since newborns do not have the ability to hold their heads up yet. The best way to hold a newborn is to lay the baby on one arm, with the head snuggled on the crook of the arm. Baby care basics should be able to guide a parent or the parents to how to hold or carry their child without injuring it.

Carrying a newborn from a flat surface like a bed may entail the parent to raise the feet of the newborn and then use the other arm to scoop up the baby. As the other arm scoops up the baby, the hand should be firmly at the base of the neck of the newborn to prevent the head from flopping around. This is one of the more important baby care basics that a parent should know in picking up a newborn. Do not hold the newborn up by the shoulders since the neck muscles still can not hold up the head. Always support the head or the neck of the newborn.

Feeding Time Basics

Newborns always drink milk, whether breast milk or formula. Breast fed babies seldom get messy burps while those newborns that are bottle fed may have burps that can look like they just spit out their entire meal. Baby care basics will explain that this may be because breast milk is still best for babies up to two years old. It is best to keep the newborn's head a bit elevated when feeding to avoid the leaks from going into the ear. Baby care basics should also pint out that some babies may choke on their own spit up if they are put to sleep without burping.

Baby care basics are all for the good of the newborn and for the parents who care for them. Parents should learn baby care basics even before they give birth for better preparation and implementation.