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There are a lot of things a newborn baby needs for proper mental development. What advertisements promote and what a baby may actually need may not necessary coincide with each other. Some ads promote many expensive toys and gadgets that they claim can sharpen the mental ability of the child. These so called things a newborn baby needs may actually have the backing of years of study but these may not be necessary since there are a lot of stimuli in the environment which have been around since time immemorial. Natural stimuli found anywhere in the home or garden may be all that things a newborn baby needs to develop normally.

Stimulate The Senses

So, what does a newborn baby need? One of the things a newborn baby needs to develop well mentally is stimuli for the senses. Our eyes are one of the most important things that bring stimulus to us as well as our skin. The newborn may not be able to see too well during the first few weeks of life but he or she can distinguish light and shadow well enough to see black and white. This is one of the main reasons why some researchers have allotted the colors black and white as two of the main color stimuli for newborns. You do not necessarily need to buy the expensive toys, just expose your child to items that can stimulate the brain through the basic knowledge that intense colors can be used as things a newborn baby needs for mental development.

The sense of touch is another thing that newborns are more sensitive to. One of the things a newborn baby needs to develop well mentally is stimulus for the sense of touch. Daily massages can help the newborn develop the sense of touch well enough as well as be stimulated mentally. Letting the newborn experience many different textures and temperatures through skin contact can stimulate their development into understanding how things work. Things that a newborn baby needs for mental stimulation may not necessarily be bought. As they baby grows older, letting the newborn hold shapes and textured items can help the newborn develop mentally.

Different sounds that are highly different from each other can also help the newborn appreciate music and develop mentally. Things a newborn baby needs for hearing development are crinkly sounds, chime sounds and more. Exposing the newborn to things a newborn baby needs for mental stimulation can help immensely in developing mental thought processes.

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