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Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! You have probably counted all of your baby’s fingers and toes, gazed into his or her freshly opened eyes, and just smiled for hours at this beautiful new creation. At the hospital, there is always someone there to help with diaper changes, feedings, and any questions about your baby’s infant health care that you may have. Going home and facing caring for your baby on your own can be very frightening. However, certain baby health care products can help you to maintain your baby’s health care at home.

Bath Time

A clean baby is a happy baby. Cleanliness is important in keeping your baby both happy and healthy, and there are many baby health care products for bath time. However, remember that you do not need all of these products to properly bathe your baby. If you have a sink or plan on bathing in the tub with your baby, you may not even need to purchase an infant tub. You will, however, need infant soap and shampoo. This baby health care product is made especially for babies so that it will not sting if it gets in their eyes. In addition, you may want to think about using hypoallergenic or fragrance free if you have a history of sensitive skin.

Medicinal Baby Health Care Products

The worst times will be when your baby gets sick. A baby cannot tell you what is wrong with him or her, and it can sometimes be difficult to really tell what is wrong with them. This is why you should have several baby health care products at home for when your baby gets sick. The first thing that you should most definitely have is infant pain reliever. This infant oral health care comes in a dropper that you can easily give to an infant, even if that infant is breastfed and does not know how to take a bottle. Infant pain reliever is useful for teething, bringing down fevers, and to use after your baby receives his or her vaccination shots.

In addition to infant pain reliever, you should also have some sort of baby health care product for colds, like an aspirator. This will help to clean out the baby’s nose. A baby cannot blow his or her nose, so it’s important to make sure that you do it for him or her.

One baby health care product that you do not need is baby decongestant. These products have been proven to do little to nothing to actually alleviate the baby’s symptoms. In fact, many have been recalled due to accidental overdose.