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Things To Take To Daycare For Newborn

Premature babies, otherwise known as preemies, are babies born earlier than their expected birth dates. Usually, babies are born 38 to 42 weeks after their mother's last menstrual period. Basic infant care for preemies has some differences from the basic infant care for babies born full term. For one, premature babies are usually smaller than their counterparts who were born full term and some may not have had enough time to develop fully in their mothers' wombs so they may have some developmental needs which needs to be addressed.

Premature babies are usually placed in incubators when they are born. Depending on their basic infant care needs for a preemie, the staff around them will support the preemie and try their best to give it a chance to go home eventually. Preemies who do go home with their parents, will still need some preemie basic infant care which may be slightly different from those babies carried full term.

Guide To Basic Baby Care For Preemies

This guide to basic baby care for preemies is something that you pediatrician is sure to mention to you when you bring home your premature baby. Some basic infant care needs for preemies are smaller bottles with smaller specific nipples. This is because most premature babies can not cope with being breast fed as yet but they will need breast milk more than any other form of formula available. Breast milk has the necessary antibodies that the not fully developed premature babies need to fight off infections and others threats to their bodies.

Preemies' digestive systems are also not fully developed; therefore, they will need a lot of patience and care when it comes to feeding. Premature babies are prone to intestinal infections due to the way they are fed. Basic infant care for preemies require lots of patience and time which is why many parents prefer to leave their premature babies in the hospital until such time that they can be taken care of without the assistance of nurses and doctors.

Premature babies are prone to infections and many other conditions. The parents should practice basic infant care for preemies once they have their child at home. This is not to say that they wrap up their child and not let it experience the world but care should be given not to expose the premature baby to factors that can cause it harm. When premature babies are released from NICU their parents are told to bring them in regularly for their regular check ups and additional hearing and sight examinations.