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Things To Take To Daycare For Newborn


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Taking care of a baby can seem like a very daunting task, especially if you are a new parent. There are so many things that you have to look out for, from coughs to sneezes to infant oral health care. You are concerned with baby healthcare and grooming, but at the same time you simply want to soak in every moment with your new precious bundle of joy. Instead of getting overwhelmed, here is some information on basic infant oral health care to help you with at least one issue that you may be dealing with.

Infant Oral Health Care: Thrush

Thrush is the dreaded illness for all new mothers. Thrush is more or less a yeast infection in the mouth of a breastfed baby and the nipples of a breastfeeding mother. Noticing thrush early is key to treating this infant oral health care issue effectively and successfully. Early thrush has a few symptoms. First, you may notice your nipples and breasts feeling extra sensitive. Every time your baby eats, you may feel stabbing pains in your breast. On your infant, you may notice white splotches on his or her lips and cheeks, and a thick white residue on his or her tongue. As soon as you notice these symptoms, call your care provider! The baby’s pediatrician will be able to prescribe an oral antibiotic for the baby, but you will also need an antibiotic. Contact your OB/GYN or midwife or primary care physician.

Thrush is an infant oral health care issue that you do not want to ignore. While the baby may not feel any adverse affects due to thrush, if you let it fester for too long you will be in serious pain. Advanced thrush has often been described as feeling as though a thousand pieces of glass are sticking into your breast at any given moment, and it is worse when you are feeding. If you let thrush fester, you will need to do more advanced treatments and it could come back time and time again.

Infant Oral Health Care: Teething

Teething is another infant oral health care issue. However, you will most likely not experience this in your infant until he or she is between four and six months old. While many people have associated teething with a fever, doctors say that this is a myth. Any time your baby has a fever you should contact your pediatrician. However, babies who are teething usually need some pain reliever to alleviate the pain and most pain relievers will also bring down a temperature.

Infant oral health care is a category that you may not be familiar with, but after reading this article the hope is that you know more than you did before. requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 0 seconds. Current time: 1:45:21 PM