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Things To Take To Daycare For Newborn

We all know that the soaps and lotions we use on our own skin are too harsh for newborn babies but have you ever stopped to think about baby soaps and lotions. We assume that products marketed to us for babies are safe to use on newborns. The truth is that many of these products contain chemicals and ingredients that irritate the skin and can cause rashes.

Your baby’s skin is more sensitive to chemicals and absorbs chemicals a lot more easily than adult skin. If you’d like to avoid rashes and skin irritation in your baby then going natural is really the best baby skin care.

Natural Alternatives

Using natural baby skincare products instead of the widely marketed products sold in drugstores and supermarkets is a good alternative. Many parents are not aware that there are natural baby skincare products out there. If you knew what was in the mass market products you would definitely make the switch.

Bubble baths seem like a fun way to bathe baby but these products are often do more harm than good. In fact it has recently been ruled that bubble bath products have to carry a warning label warning against excessively bathing your child. Use a soap formulated for babies that is made from natural ingredients and chemical free.

Another baby product that is constantly used is talc powder. It is used to treat diaper rash and other rashes. Some doctors will tell you that talc powder can actually irritate the skin. A natural baby skincare product you might want to use instead is powder made from bentonite clay or cornstarch.

If your baby does have diaper rash chamomile might be a good alternative to talc powder to help soothe skin. Zinc oxide is also a great way to naturally treat diaper rash. Making sure your baby’s bottom is well ventilated to avoid diaper rash.

Baby oils are constantly being marketed as great for massaging your baby. However most commercial baby oils are made from petrochemicals. Natural baby skincare oils are made from nuts or other natural ingredients. Try to buy natural baby skincare oils that contain aloe and chamomile, great for reducing inflammation and irritation.

Shampooing should be kept to a minimum. Only shampoo as needed, when your baby’s hair is oily or dirty. Avoid using any shampoos with fragrances or colors. Try looking for a natural baby skincare shampoo that contains coconut oil. Coconut oil has been proven to moisturise and condition hair and skin.