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Baby Clothes Preemie Basics


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Is a friend or loved one expecting? Baby clothes are always a helpful gift for anyone who is expecting a baby. There are so many types of clothes to choose from but the key to finding a gift that the receiver will really appreciate it is to individualize it and think of practicality and usability.

Whether you are buying baby boy clothes or girl clothes, think about what the mother will appreciate most. The baby won’t know the difference between wearing designer clothes or a potato sack so put yourself in the mother’s shoes and think about what kind of baby clothes you would find useful in her position.

Babies grow very fast so you want to make sure you keep that in mind when you buy baby clothes. If everyone gives a mother newborn size clothing, her baby will grow out of them even before she gets to use them all. Instead, buy stuff that is appropriate for an older baby so the mother has stuff to change her baby into for months to come.

You might think shoes are a cute accessory but before buying a newborn baby shoes, consider the fact that they will have no use for them whatsoever. Babies won’t need shoes until they start using their walker around 6 months of age. Instead, think of purchasing warm slippers, socks, or leg warmers.

Also remember that babies like comfortable clothes too and aren’t dress up dolls. Consider baby clothes like onesies, footsie pajamas, and undershirts. These are items that get a lot of use and won’t just be hanging in the baby’s closet.

Personalize Your Gift

There is nothing sweeter than receiving a gift that has been embroidered with your baby’s name or that has a logo with a special meaning. For example, if your baby is having twins, look for a cute twin gift such as matching onesies with a catchy twin-theme. Or get the baby an outfit with his or her name embroidered in it. Make sure you ask the parent how the baby’s name is spelled however so you don’t misspell it when getting a gift personalized!

Make no mistake about it. Baby clothes may be a very common gift but they are very practical as well. Don’t get carried away though when you are shopping around for clothes for a new baby. Instead, put yourself in the mother’s shoes and think of what you would find most useful. Especially in these rough financial times, any new mother will appreciate a useful baby gifts instead of fancy dress up clothes that her baby will only wear once.

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