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Bows On Bedding


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Preemies are infants born too early from their due date. The due date is usually flexible for most pregnancies. In fact, doctors give a few days more or less for the due date. So the due date is just an estimate for many deliveries unless it is a caesarean section which needs to be scheduled. Premature babies are usually delivered a couple of months before their estimated due date. In this day and age, there is little risk of the baby dying due to premature birth unless there are underlying conditions surrounding the birth.

Baby care for premature infants is basically similar to those infants or babies born around their due date. There will be some adjustments regarding the capacity of the premature infant when it comes to eating as well as baby care regarding special needs.

Going Home

Depending on how premature a baby is, the need for baby care may vary. Some premature babies that are normal can actually go home after spending just several days under observation in the hospital. The parents are usually taught the right baby care for premature babies of its age. Baby skin care for a premature baby may be different since there are some preemies that have not developed so well yet with regards to skin. This does not happen often, though, and babies born seven to eight months can be under similar baby care instructions as those babies born full term.

Baby care usually concentrates on feeding the baby and meeting his or her most basic needs. There are some premature baby formulas if the mother is not yet capable of breast milk. Some premature babies may not have fully developed digestive systems which means they can not enjoy even breast milk as of yet. Even the size of the nipples for the baby bottles for preemies is different. Special instructions regarding baby care when it comes to feeding may be more on this aspect.

Bathing the premature baby may be difficult or dangerous for the first several weeks of his or her delivery. Baby care regarding bathing premature babies state that a sponge bath may just be what the baby's body can accept. A very soft and light sponge or washcloth is needed for giving baby a sponge bath. Baby care with regards to soap requires the gentlest soap possible or even just plain water.

Baby care for premature babies may be difficult to assimilate initially but as the child grows and adapts, the problem is gone. requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 1 seconds. Current time: 9:53:48 PM