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How To Approach A New Born Baby


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The birth of a newborn baby is a joyous and exciting occasion. This is due to the fact that a new life is brought into the world. Additionally, this joyous occasion does not start with the birth, but begins with the intimate relationship between a man and woman and progresses through conception, growth within the womb, birth and continuing growth of that child.

To capture that excitement for generations to come, the parents may wish to capture the events leading up to the birth and the birth of the newborn. Specifically, for example if the newborn is a boy, the parents may wish to use a boyish theme to capture the child’s beginnings. Some of those boyish themes could be the incorporation of sports, tools, etc. In addition, the beginning of the newborn baby boy’s life could be captured using a video camera or scrapbook.

Video Camera

One of the powerful ways to capture special moments in a newborn baby boy's life is through a video camera. This is because video camera are fairly inexpensive, are easily recharged and are ready to go to visually capture those particular moments.

Additionally, leading up to the birth of the newborn baby boy, the video camera can capture the growth of the baby during the pregnancy stage, be part of the labor and delivery process and allow for filming when the newborn baby boy is in the nursery at the hospital.

In addition, the video camera can capture the well wishes of family and friends who express their congratulations on the birth of the son.

If choosing this method of recording it is important to have the needed tools available to ensure that no moments are missed. Therefore, of importance could be a tripod to hold the camera, recharged spare battery, extra store units to capture the footage and to make sure the video camera is always available. This is particularly important to remember when the time arrives to take the mother-to-be to the delivery room.

In addition, because the child is a newborn baby boy, the video can be set to music that is more boyish in nature. Examples of that type of genre could include super hero movie themes or space epic adventure movie themes or sport's music.


Another powerful way of capturing the arrival of a newborn baby boy is through a virtual baby boy scrapbook. Specifically, digital photos of various baby events can be imbedded into presentation software and choreographed to music that is appropriate for a male child.

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