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New Baby Born Celebration


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Pregnancy is the time of great excitement, and there is long wait for the new arrival. Though, there is no preference regarding sex of the baby for most of the parents, some may feel strongly about particular sex of the newborn.

Selecting Baby Girl Name

Some parents are just fine with a simple and common name for their newborn, but many people want a special and unique baby girl name for their little angel. The best place to search for a baby girl name is the Internet, where you can find alphabetical list of girl’s names along with their meanings.

Some of the most commonly used baby girl names are Mary, Patricia, Elizabeth, Barbara, Linda, Jennifer, Kimberly, Margaret, Dorothy, Laura, Helen, Susan, Deborah, Betty, Nancy, Ruth, Lisa, Karen, Jessica, Cathleen, Sarah, Sandra, Anna, Donna, Melissa, Maria, Sharon, Carol and Amanda.

Some of the unique baby girl names are Shadha, Kendyl, Inghinn, Havanna, Hadeel, Agotha, Kerrianne, Kennedi, Aethra, Lallie, Auda, Magdalen, Leanna, Charlique, Lind, Ulu, Alda, Graciana, Devinee, Inghinn, Galatea, Aniya, Bliths, Azzaria, Ollie and Leanna.

On various web-sites or baby names books, the names are classified as per aboriginal, African, African-American, Albanian, American, brazil, Aztec, Australian, Anglo-Saxon, Canadian, Chinese, Celtic, Egyptian, Finnish, English, French, German, Gaelic, Hawaiian, Greek, Hindu, Hebrew, Jewish, Japanese, Italian, Norse, Mexican, Irish Gaelic, Sanskrit, Polish, Turkish, Welsh, Ukrainian, Teutonic, Polish and Scottish names.

Most of these sites offer recommendations and additional information regarding meaning and history of the names. There are also the statistics regarding top ranking name over the past year. If you want a little different name, look for some unique names and you can choose them as per the country of origin. Most of these unique baby girl names usually have a religious meaning, or are symbolic of some tradition of that culture.

Baby girl names can vary in their spellings, it is hence important to make sure that you choose the correct name, with appropriate meaning. Many people like to name their child after someone significant in their life such as uncles, aunts, grandparents and the like, as it reminds them of someone dear. Parents also choose baby names after some historic icons or famous personality, who might have inspired them in some way.

These websites not only help you find the perfect baby girl name, there is a lot of other information available regarding names. You can also choose the perfect baby girl gift from these sites, and personalize it as per your own choice and taste.

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