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New Baby Announcement Quotes


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A nursery is basically the room to be used for a new baby. Most if not all of the new baby's thing are to be stored and found in the nursery. Many parents enjoy designing and making a nursery. The difference between a nursery for a new baby girl and new baby boy is basically in the color scheme. Baby girls are great to design for since there are so many different choices for color schemes and designs to choose from.

Pastel Colors For Baby

A new baby girl is usually viewed in a very girly light by everybody. Most of the color schemes and designs for a new baby girl nursery are most likely frilly and soft. Pink or lavender is the usually fare for most new baby girls although there are instances or a combination of pastel colors. Both colors can also be the focal colors for a new baby girl nursery.

Some parents also like the light blue color for their new baby girl so they opt for this as the main color for the nursery. There is actually no hard and fast rule regarding which colors are for boys and which are for girls. Most pastel colors are acceptable for most babies no matter what their gender. There are some parents, though, who do prefer boyish colors for boys such as blue and green while girly colors for girls like pink and lavender.

Stimulating Colors

Research has yielded that there are some basic colors that can actually stimulate the brain of the baby causing better development. Red, black and white in combination are supposed to be better stimulants for the brain than any other color. The brightness and boldness of each color and their combination are said to stimulate thought processes and make more connections which mean hat the brain functions better.

It may be worthwhile to add some toys or patters in the new baby girl's nursery with a combination f these three basic colors. These colors can stimulate even an infant's brain which will cause more thought processes and synapses to be connected. It is best for your new baby girl to be stimulated not only through the eyes but in all her sense. Musical harmony, especially those of the classics, is great to soothe and stimulate the baby.

Color harmony is also one thing that needs to be consistent in a new baby girl or boy nursery to be able to bring out the best from the baby. requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 0 seconds. Current time: 12:56:34 AM