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Science Baby Clothes

One of the most exciting life changing events to occur in the shared lives of a man and woman is to experience parenting. Associated with the parenting experience are many milestones. Some of these milestones could be when the pregnancy test comes back positive or the first time the babyís heartbeat was heard, or the first indication of movement within the womb, etc.

To reflect the reality of bringing a child into the world there are many actions that can be taken by the expectant parents in preparation of the blessed event. For example, the parents may choose to purchase their first outfit for the baby to wear or the couple may wish to take prenatal classes in preparation for the delivery.

In addition, the couple may choose to decorate the nursery. If choosing to decorate the nursery there is limitless possibilities of how to accomplish this. For example, if the babyís gender is known and the parentís will deliver a baby boy, there are combinations of themes that can be carried when decorating a baby boy nursery. Specifically, two of those themes for a baby boy nursery could be sports and science.


One of the common themes agreed upon by the parents for a baby boy nursery is a sports theme. Those various sports could include ice hockey, football, basketball, baseball, etc.

For example, if football is chosen as the decorative theme for a baby boy nursery, the colors of the walls can be painted in appropriate team colors. In addition, the mobile can be made from footballs, the curtains can have the imprint of the teamís logo or the crib sheets can display a football.

In addition, if football is chosen as the theme for a baby boy nursery, the various pieces of furniture used in the nursery can take on various football icons. For example the crib can be in the shape of a football or the dresser can be a simulated football field reflecting the major yard lines.


Another theme that can be incorporated into a baby boy nursery is an science theme. Specifically, the walls can be decorated with the solar system. In addition, the mobile that is placed above the crib can be comprised of the planets. Also, on the ceiling, the parents can place fluorescent stars that will glow when the lights are turned off.

One other additional decorative idea that can add to the science theme in a newborn baby boyís room is the toy box. Specifically, the toy box can be made in the shape of a space ship, the world or a space helmet.