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Teresa Irene Thompson


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Congratulations! You are about to be the parent to a beautiful baby boy. You will soon be picking out baby boy clothes, baby boy bedding, and most importantly, a baby boy name. Naming your child is a huge responsibility, and it is important that you do not take it lightly! Here are some tips for finding a baby boy name that you love.

Family Names

Family names are a great place to find a baby boy name for your little guy. You can look at close relatives, like brothers, fathers, or grandfathers, or you could look a little farther back. You could even pull out a family tree and simply look to see if you find anything you like. Of course, using a family name for your baby boy name is more meaningful if your son knows where it came from. So if you are looking for a meaningful name, make sure that you get the name from a recent family member and not just from looking at the family tree! If you just want ideas and want to find something that has family history to it, looking at the family tree for a baby boy name is just fine!

Biblical Names

Today biblical names are on the rise. Baby boy names and baby girl names alike are being taken from the bible. Parents like that the names have a solid meaning and that they are from a historical text. If you are a Christian, the bible is a great place to find a baby boy name. The only important thing to think about is giving your son one of the “good guy” names and not a “bad guy” name! If you are not a Christian, you can also look into your religious texts for meaningful names.

Making The Name Unique

Most people want their baby boy name to be unique. They do not want their son to be the second, third, or fourth of their name in their class. One way to make sure that the name is unique is to look at the popular name list. Every year a popular name list is put out that says what the most popular names for the year were. You can find this list online. You can also look for a site online that tells you the popularity of the baby boy name over the course of a hundred years.

Whatever you do, make sure that you put a lot of time and thought into naming your son. After all, this is the name that he will have for the rest of his life!

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