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Finding baby gifts is easy after the child has already been born because you already know whether it is a boy or a girl and what name the parents have chosen. In this ideal situation you can go out and purchase a cute personalized baby gift. However, in this country we traditionally give baby shower gifts before the child is actually born and this can make things somewhat more difficult. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a baby read on for some good advice that will help you to avoid a potentially awkward or embarrassing situation.

Keep It Neutral

If you don't know if the unborn child will be male or female it is best to avoid gender specific baby gifts. Keep away from all gifts that are pink or blue or that have been designed expressly with male or female children in mind. Instead look for baby gifts that are suitable for both genders. There are plenty of baby gifts that you can buy for either a boy or a girl at department stores or on the web. If you are unsure about any particular gift, do not buy it.

How Much To Spend

Excessively expensive baby gifts are not a good idea unless you are a parent of the coming child's mother or father. In fact spending hundreds of dollars on a baby gift could embarrass the soon-to-be parents. Conversely five dollar toys that contain unsafe levels of lead and were made in a Chinese sweat shop are not a good idea either. It is better to go to a baby shower empty handed than give a substandard, potentially dangerous present.

If you are going to buy a baby gift a suitable amount of money to spend would be between forty and seventy dollars. If you want to impress the expectant mother it is best to purchase one upscale gift such as a blanket, item of apparel, pillow, wiper case, plush toy or bath towel. Above all your baby gift should be safe and of decent quality.

The Most Important Thing

Always remember that your love, support and advice are far more valuable than any material baby gift could ever be. Becoming a parent is a huge challenge and a massive responsibility. New mothers and fathers need to know that the friends and family who care are there to offer their guidance and support. The biggest gift you can give is an offer to look after the child for the evening when the parents become stressed out and overwhelmed, a valuable suggestion or a sympathetic ear at the right time. requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 1 seconds. Current time: 8:16:06 AM