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A Glimpse into the Best Selling Book of All Time The Bible

A Glimpse Into The Muslims Bible The Quran
May 29th, 2016

The basis or Islamic doctrine is found in the Qur’an (Koran). The Koran is the authoritative scripture of Islam. About four-fifths the length of the New Testament, it is divided into 114 chapters. Parts were written by Mohammed, and the rest, based on his oral teaching, was written from memory by his disciples after Mohammed’s death. Over the years a number of additional sayings o Mohammed and his early disciples were compiled. These comprise the Hadith, the sayings of which are called the sunna. The Hadith supplements the Koran.

The Koran is the word of God in Islam, the Holy Scriptures. As the authoritative scripture, it is the main guide for all matters of faith and practice. The Koran was revealed to Mohammed as the word of God for mankind. The Koran super cedes all other revelations and is the only one of which the original text still exists. All of the others have been corrupted, almost beyond recognition. Islam, for example, would not consider the New Testament to be the gospel of Jesus. It is not the words of Jesus; it is others’ words about Jesus. His original words have been corrupted and many have been lost. Only the Koran is infallible. Mohammed and the Koran are that which Islam is to follow.

It is well known that at many points the Koran does not agree with the Jewish and Christian scriptures. Therefore, from the Muslim point of view, it follows of necessity that these scriptures must have been corrupted. Historical evidence makes no impression on the crushing fore of the syllogism. So it is, and it can be no other way. The Muslim controversialist feels no need to study evidence in detail. The only valid picture of Jesus Christ is that which is to be found in the pages of the Koran.

The Koran is comprised of 114 chapters, all attributed to Mohammed. The chapters are arranged in the Koran by length with the longer chapters in the front and the shorter ones in the back. For the Muslims the Koran is the word of God, confirming and consummating earlier revealed books and thereby replacing them; its instrument or agent of revelation is the Prophet Mohammed, the last and most perfect of a series of messengers of God to mankind-from Adam through Abraham to Moses and Jesus, the Christian claims for whose divinity are strongly rejected. Indeed there is no people group to whom a prophet has not come. Although Mohammed is only a human creature of God, he has nevertheless an unequaled importance in the Koran itself, which sets him only next to God as deserving of moral and legal obedience. His sayings and deeds served as a second basis, besides the Koran, of the belief and practice of Islam.

In modern times, the Koran has faced many o the same dilemmas as the Bible. A major issue is the inspiration of the Koran. Islamic scholars do not agree as a whole on how the Koran came to be true or how much is true, although conservative Islamic scholars accept it all as literally true. The Koran was revealed and written in the Arabic language. Because of this, and the fact if was revealed by God, Muslims deplore translations of the Koran into other languages. There is, then, no authoritative translation for the Koran.

The Koran, as it exists today, is a record of what Mohammed said. It is beyond doubt that his hearers recognized the symptoms of revelation for him and recorded it. The Koran came into written form shortly after Mohammed’s death. The Koran has, then, been very carefully preserved.

A History of the New King James Version of the Bible and Its Modern Translations

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