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In the world today where there is quite possibly a church on every corner and there are missionaries all over the world with televangelists taking God’s word into everyone’s homes through the television, it is hard to believe that there are still people who have not heard about God and what being a Christian is all about. In years past, you had to go to a church building to hear a sermon or talk to a minister and it was up to everyone on their own to have Bibles and Bible study materials. In recent years, believers have realized that it is not feasible for every person who wants one to have their own personal Bible. Some reasons people cannot get Bibles are:

They cannot afford one. When someone does not have enough money to feed their family, no matter how bad they want it or how much they love God there is no getting a Bible " they are just too costly.

Many people do not know where to get one. In our world today it is hard to imagine not having resources and having commerce at our fingertips but there are areas of even metropolitan cities where the citizens have lived such lives that they do not know about things like this.

Many of the people who want Bibles are children. Some children have parents who cannot afford a Bible for them or who will not buy a Bible for them for various reasons. Many children attend church with a neighborhood friend or walk to a church neat their home and never have access to the resources needed to get a Bible. Some children have to wait until they can drive or even older before they can get a Bible.

Believers and churches alike have begun to make a way for anyone who desires a Bible to be able to get their hands on one of their very own because they see the importance of individuals owning a Bible of their own. The following are some ways to for a person to obtain a Bible without having to buy one or pay for it.

Ask a church. In today’s world you can walk into almost any church and they have a set of Bibles set aside somewhere that are free to people who need or want one. Usually no questions are asked and you do not necessarily have to attend church there. They are happy to provide you with one. Churches can purchase Bibles by bulk sales for just a few dollars each " usually much less than individual sales.

Ask a friend. If you started attending church through a friend or neighbor or have been introduced to God through someone you can ask them to help you get a Bible. They most generally will be happy to help you.

The Gideon’s. There are organizations such as the Gideon’s whose mission as a group is to provide a Bible to every person in the world. The Bibles that are in the drawers in hotel rooms and hospital rooms are provided free of charge from the local Gideon organizations.

Win a Bible. You can walk into most any Christian bookstore and back in the Bible section there will be contests or drawings from the publishers of various Bibles to sign up to win one. Again, the publishers are aware of the need to get the scriptures out to anyone who wants them so they arrange these drawings or contests to help with that.

Download the scriptures. With the dawn of the Internet, there are websites where the entire Bible is posted and people can go on and download any part of the Bible onto their computers. It is usually not productive to try to print out the Bible so it would not be something you could carry to church with you but you could have it on your computer to read at home or take with you to church.

Contact Religious TV or radio shows. There are a wide number of religious broadcasts on the radio and television where you could contact one of them to get a Bible. Most of those places like churches, have provisions for providing Bibles to people who want one