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David And Goliath Jesus Resurrection

Within the New Testament and the four Gospels in particular, the story of Jesus’ birth is told. The birth story is also told in Matthew and Luke. As with some of the other narratives that are written in the Gospels, the birth story is told differently each time it is written with some accounts having additional information that other accounts do not have.

Matthew begins his account by giving Jesus’ genealogy. He then tells of Jesus’ birth and early years. Matthew tells of the angel’s visit to Joseph to tell him about the pregnancy and not to be afraid and to take Mary as his wife because she is pure as she is supposed to be. After this account Matthew skips to after Jesus was born and Herod is trying to have him killed by having all baby boys born at that time killed.

Mark omits the birth story all together.

Luke’s story begins with angels appearing to Zechariah and then to Mary, telling them of the upcoming births of their sons. Luke’s account is presumably the most extensive account of the birth of Jesus and the events both before and after his birth. Luke begins with the angel promising the birth of Jesus to Mary and then picks up with Mary visiting Elizabeth. This is the only account of Mary’s visit with her where she finds out about the impending birth. The book of Luke also gives an account of the birth of John the Baptist, which is only told, in this specific place. The account moves on to the birth of Jesus and the visiting of the shepherds and the wise men.

The Gospel of John also omits the birth story. In the beginning of this book the author gives an account that refers to the” Word”. Many scholars believe that this narrative about the Word is actually talking about the birth of Christ.

Many scholars find it interesting that there are several stories and events that are covered in some manner in each of the four gospels but when it comes to the story of the birth of Jesus it is only discussed in two of the gospels and only one gospel has an in-depth account of the story.

Not much is known, in other words, of the circumstances of Jesus’ birth and early life, though many theological themes from the birth stories (among them his virginal conception, his Davidic descent, and his mission as Savior of the world) are essential elements in the New Testament Christology as a whole. Our canonical Gospels contain no information about Jesus’ youth except the story of Jesus in the Temple, which probably represents the attempt to fill in the chronological gaps in the Jesus tradition, as the incidents in such non-canonical Gospels as the Greek/Latin Infancy Gospel of Thomas surely do.

It is probable that Jesus’ family had some connection with Nazareth and quite certain that his ministry began in and was largely confined to Galilee and could play a role in the lack of information surrounding the event of his birth. It is also thought that an effort was made by Mary and Joseph to protect Jesus from getting negative attention and could also account for the fact that most of the information on Jesus’ life begins when he starts his public ministry.

It is an amazing truth to realize that an event that has so little coverage in the Bible and so very few people know details about has become the reason for one of the biggest celebrations that occur around the world today.