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Different Kinds Of Love In King James Version

different kinds of love in king james version

Reading and studying the Bible can be an exciting and rewarding learning experience. People are often overwhelmed by the size, kinds of different types of Bibles available. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part but once you get a plan and get going it is rewarding and educational.

The first step of studying the Bible is to develop a plan. There are many Bible reading plans and some Bibles have reading plans in the back of them. The most difficult part of reading the Bible is the urge to skip around when the reading gets labored. Consistency and perseverance is the key. The reader should not skip around when reading the Bible but should start reading at the beginning of the Old Testament or the beginning of the New Testament. If it is desirable or necessary to skip around it is important to at least start reading at the beginning of the book of the Bible so that all of the immediate background information can be obtained. By skipping around you may miss important facts that help tie it all together and make sense.

In addition to your plan it is a good idea to use study aids while you read. There are a wide variety of study aids that have been written for the purpose of helping people understand the Bible better. There are commentaries that are put together by Bible scholars that provide detailed explanations about the different books of the Bible and even passages of scripture within those books. Bible Dictionaries are available for readers to look up words from the Bible that need more explanation or definition. Scores of other books have been written on the individual books of the Bible as well as books with theological terms or other words from the Bible that can be looked up for further explanation. There are books called devotional books that are designed to assist in the understanding of the Bible and help to show how to take passages and apply them to everyday life. These books are typically easier to understand and make great supplements to Bible study. Using a variety of study aids will help the reader better understand the passages that are being read as well as the background information behind it. Most study aids can be found at Christian bookstores and public libraries.

To further supplement your reading experience and in order to answer questions you may have and to clarify any confusing passages you should feel free to ask questions. Church ministers are required to get a certain amount of theological education as a basis for their ministry and many of those go on to get extensive education in theology. Many churches also have retired ministers and other people with extensive background in Bible theology. The reader should not be afraid to ask these people for their help with understanding books or passages of the Bible that they are having difficulty deciphering. Many churches and communities have Bible studies that are available for people to attend where they can learn more about the Bible and theological issues.

The Bible can be very intimidating and difficult to read and/or understand or even the most devoted and experienced Christians. This should not be a reason not to read the Bible because of the vast number of study aids that are available for the person who is reading and studying the Bible. Part of growing your relationship with God is getting to know him better. Besides prayer and attending church, the best way to do this is to read the Bible. God wants his people to read his scripture and to get to know him better.