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Your linking program should be a hard working marketing tool of your business. It should bring you targeted traffic directly from your links, and in time it boost your ranking in the search engines and bring you even more traffic. This will be no cost targeted traffic, the best kind of traffic. However, if you are not selective in whom you link with your Blog, ranking can start to go down hill quickly. Avoid rinky-dink links and keep you Blog bustling along successfully

One way links, are of course the prize, but reciprocal links do need to be a big part of your Blog’s marketing program as well. Reciprocal links are much easier to obtain, but they do take some effort. There has been word about search engines and big marketers to de-value reciprocal links. The search engines are not crawling sites with a large amount of empty links. All links are good if they are well thought out. This means linking to sites of value and high page ranks.

With a new Blog, it may be harder to link to sites and Blogs with high PR. Look at the sit or Blog and see what it has to offer before you use this alone as a linking criteria. That low PR site may change fast in the future and bring you many visitors and search engine clout. Assess the site for quality content. Is it a site the search engines are going to like? Staying away from sites with scraped content, pages and pages of links instead of content and sites that are offensive in some way is prudent.

When you start out find a good link management program. It will save you a lot of time and grief in the long run. Managing links once you have them, is a big long lasting project. Investing a little money here will save you time and stress down the line. Better to start with a good program, and not have to re-do your whole linking program later. Reciprocal link programs and link building networks can be a fast an easy way to get links. Everyone involved is looking for links so you don't have to beat them over the head to get them. You might surprised to find partners who even have decent page rank and are willing to exchange with a new site. However, Bloggers should use caution with these link programs and keep up to date with Google. If Google and other search engines are going to instantly devalue anything associated to link building programs, then you could risk your Blog rank.

Value your links by not hiding your links page. You should be proud of who you are affiliated with. Call it whatever you want as long as it is clear what it is. Link partners, associates, resources, and affiliates. This is better than just links. Look at other sites for ideas. Put the link to your links page where it can easily be found, at the very least on your site's homepage. Potential link partners want to see your link page so don't be ashamed of it by hiding it or using print so faded it is difficult to see. Professional designers love to do this. It may have a nice design, but it is not effective in attract new quality links.

Quality is by far more important than quantity with your Blog links. The rank of your Blog will increase faster and higher with fewer quality links than if you attract a massive amount of zero page rank links. Search engines are savvy to “quick fix” link programs, and this gives the Blogger even another reason to connect with quality links. Avoid rinky-dink links and strive for quality partnerships. It may take a little longer, but it will pay off in your Blogs rank and visitors.

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