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Internet marketing and search engine optimization have begun to go hand in hand with Blogging. Business owners and webmasters became aware of what a powerful marketing tool a Blog can be. Even the new business owner or webmaster can quickly become a Blogger. Whether you are selling products and services or promoting yourself and your writing, today becoming a Blogger is easier than ever. While the option of paying for a Blog hosting service or even hosting your own Blog is always available, free Blogs may have its advantages. Free Blog hosting services make it easy and inexpensive to get set up and running without paying to take the risk if the service is right for you.

The Blog hosting services have made the Blog set up process extremely user friendly. Even if you are an experience webmaster, this can still save you time over the set up of hosting your own Blog. If you are a novice webmaster than this is absolutely this easy set up is a huge advantage compared to learning how to install, set up your own basic website and Blog. Once your Blog is set up on the hosting service, it is virtually foolproof to use, maintain, update/change, and promote. A few of the more popular free hosting services are Blogger, WordPress, B2evolution and Nucleus. In general, most of these hosts offer the same services. To determine which hosting service will best serve your needs, take a look at what kind of Blogging you will be doing.

Blogs that are a medium for sharing your opinions and point of view should be amongst similar Blogs. This remains true for marketing Blogs and information Blogs. The different free Blogging hosting services do provide markets for these individual niches.

For instance, WordPress is typically for personal Blogging. WordPress has a personal publishing design, as opposed to business. B2evolution hosting service lets users make many Blogs in separate groups with different look for every Blog. You have the capability to change the Blog and get a new appearance, making this service a better option for promotional purposes. Nucleus hosting service enables you to promote your Blog in a way that neither WordPress nor B2evoltion offers. Nucleus gives the Blogger the capability to optimize the Blog URL. This helps you to create a Blog that is easy to use and one that will attract search engines easier. Nucleus also gives you the ability to have multiple themes. Blogger is flexible and will allow both business and personal Blogs. Blogger is just as easy to set up as the other free hosting services with some creative template options. One step that is easier with Blogger is Google’s Adsense. Adding Adsense to your Blog is part of the Blogger set up process.

When you have found the free blogging service that best suits your needs it is simply a matter of a few steps before you are up and running and ready to Blog. Generally, the process will go like this:

Step 1 - Click on “Create a Blog” or “New Blog”

Step 2 - “Create an Account” Here you accept the terms of your account and supply very little information

Step 3- “Name your Blog”

Step 4- “Choose a Template”--This is where you will design and personalize your Blog. This also might be where you decide which free Blog hosting service is better for you. If you need more customization features, or you feel you are being limited to what you can to with your Blog, then you may want to choose another service.

Step 5- Congratulations! You are now a Blogger!

Free Blogs do have their advantages. If you want to get your Blog up and running quickly without any costs, then free Blogging is for you. In just a few short steps you can have your Blog up and running today. Save time and money and be able to start marketing your Blog it just minutes. Choose the free Blogging software that will be a great help to you in achieving your main objective in creating a Blog. In this way, you are making sure that your Blog is unique and it will satisfy you and your marketing needs.

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