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Every Great Blogging Web Site Starts With A Great Idea


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Good Ideas

The simplest definition of writer’s block is when you absolutely cannot think of anything to write about. This is especially frustrating if you are running close to a deadline.

Usually blog entries should be posted once a day or at least a minimum of once a week, so it can be tough to keep up sometimes. If you need some new ideas you may want to brainstorm on paper first (or make a list with your word processing program or notepad).

When you are brainstorming for ideas to use for your blogging site you will want to first right down one topic that you would most like to write about. You can also write down more than one and later choose, as well. Whatever you do, start out with a topic that most interests you.

Then, you can take this topic and create at least 10 phrases that relate to the topic. For instance, you could write about the subject of tennis, and come up with phrases such as tennis racquets, tennis players, or tennis courts. If you are not sure what phrases to use you can find some when you use the Wordtracker, Overture, or other key word suggestion tool.

After you have created a list of keywords then you can make titles out of those keywords, and try to incorporate some of those keywords into your articles. This will help your blog entries to show up in search engines, as well as help you out with writer’s block.

Once you have created your titles, usually then the ideas start rolling. If not, then you can research other sites and find some ideas. It is important not to copy from other sites because that is plagiarism. However, remembering a few ideas from research will really help produce ideas from your own mind.

If you would like to learn the format of a blog article you may want to read articles about how to write blogs. Generally speaking, most blog entries are very short and they cover a very specific topic. Therefore the blog title ideas that you create will need to be as narrow as possible.

The reason why blogs are so short and the subject so specific is because readers have a very short attention span when surfing the web. They will immediately be glued to what interests them and they will dismiss what does not interest them.

Therefore, if you want to prevent a person from closing their browser window on you then you need to do what you can to make your site interesting enough for those people.

Once you have thought of some ideas you can start preparing your blog entries. You also may need to find a place to host your blogs. A great place to start is the use of a free service such as Blogger or Blogspot. You can experiment with the different tools on these sites and often you can create a blog entry in within less than a half hour.

The trickiest aspect of creating a blog is often in the placing of ads. You need to know what size ads you are putting on your site, and usually these ads are written in code form. The best thing to do is to find sample ad formats, and copy and past the codes to those ads (usually in HTML or Javascript format) in the correct spots on your blog sites.

In addition, some blog sites actually have ad codes build right in them. Often these are available through various web-hosting vendors for only a few dollars a month.

The reason why you would include ads on your blogging sites is because you can make revenue from these ads. One of the most popular ad revenue programs you can participate in is called Google Adsense.

It is one of the easiest to start out with because you only have to copy the code once on the page. The ad is then automatically sent to your web page, and automatically tailored to the content on that particular page.

When you are brainstorming ideas of blogging topics, you need to think not only of ideas that would help you, but also ideas that would make you money. It is very possible to do both in the blogging world.

Many people start out with a small niche market idea. A small niche market is one in which a very useful product or service is gaining some popularity but is not yet very well known.

If you take advantage of this type of opportunity soon enough it could pass you by. Make sure you think of enough good ideas while brainstorming during writer’s block. The ideas you have could become very lucrative for you.

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