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Any webmaster that wants to increase site traffic knows that blogging is necessary. The use of blogs creates an interactive community, which is a main reason why many people go to various websites.

The best way to ensure that a blog will help boost site traffic is to make sure that your blog sites are promoted, as well as your site. When you make your blog entries it should always link back to your original site.

In addition, you will want to make sure that your original site links back to your blog. Furthermore, the home page of your blog and the home page of your site will need to include enticing words and phrases on it. These enticing phrases are usually a catchy title of a very helpful article along with an excerpt from that article.

A signal for the website visitor to “read on” is also in place. This will help increase not only the traffic to your website, but the traffic to your blog. Those who come to your blog will know about your website and those who come to your website will know about your blog.

Of course, boosting traffic to create greater profits also involves the use of advertising. You will need to promote your blogs and your websites any chance you can get.

The most inexpensive way to do this is to sign up for free profiles at sites such as Yahoo 360, or similar. You can also sign up for free blog sites, which will be connected to blogs of your blogs. The more linking you do to your site the more people will be able to find it.

Other ways to advertise both your blog and your website is to use pay per click advertising. This involves you paying a certain fee that you bid every time someone clicks on a link to your site. You can use pay per click to your advantage in many ways.

First of all, you can use pay per click ads to promote free product on your site to attract visitors. You can also use pay per click ads to attract people to content on your blog. Either way, the idea is to generate interest in your blog and interest of your website.

Other ways that you can make sure that the traffic is increased to your website is to use a variety of tools such as blog pinging. This means that you would notify certain URLs of new entries posted on your blog site each time.

If you want people to remember you without coming back to your blog or website you can use another blogging tool. That is the use of the RSS feed. This is the same type of feed that is used to help people view selected podcasting shows or news feeds.

Since blogs are written in a timely manner, they are perfect publications to which to attach RSS feeds files. These files are then read by feed readers, or feed aggregators. Some of these are website based or browser based, while others require a feed reader to be installed on a computer desktop.

Blogs are a great way to help webmasters (and webmistresses) to increase web traffic. However, the practices that are used must be ethical. For instance, no keyword spamming should be used in the practice of developing blog sites or regular sites.

Keyword spamming involves one of a number of activities. For instance, it could include the insertion of hidden or random keywords on a page. These keywords are often hidden in the background of a website and sometimes even behind an image out of view.

Also, note that the use of codes such as NOSCRIPT tags is ethical in most cases. The exception is when it is used for hiding keywords, as in the case of other keyword spamming practices. Another type of unethical SEO (search engine optimization, a.k.a. keyword optimization) is using irrelevant phrases to advertise mostly commercial pages.

Other practices exist as well, such as sploging. This is the use of a comment box to advertise a link to one or more affiliate sites in a blog comment box. Usually these comment boxes are meant for displaying comments that are relevant to the actual blog written.