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It is every writers dream to be able to write full-time and get paid for it. Most writers who pursue a living in writing find out very early that in order to make a decent living it will require a great deal of writing. Writing about different topics of different lengths for different companies and the living the writer wishes to obtain seems so far out of reach that the writer ends up getting a second job and putting writing off until they have enough free time.

Blogging offers a different attempt at making money for submitting your opinions and personal insertions about your life. There are some good and bad things when it comes to blogging and the possibility of gaining a full time income is based on how the writer takes it in. The good thing about blogging is it doesn’t require a great deal of writing. The average blog takes less than three hundred words depending on what the writer is writing about and there are hundreds of blog sites to upload our content on.

Like anything we do as a profession, it requires a certain network to get started and to expand. Most blog sites pay .15 cents per blog or even less per word but the bulk of your money comes from either how many people read your blog or respond to it.

Can you acquire a full time income with blogging? Definitely but it will not happen overnight, not unless you are on the internet eight to ten hours a day and you have a large network of people who will visit your blog site, read and respond to your blogs.

Another way to begin to obtain a full time income with blogging is that the writer will have to join and blog on numerous sites to build up the network of readers who will read your material. Now producing enough material is one part of it but the other part is your content needs to be interesting and consistent. Think about it, there are thousands of blog sites and hundreds of thousands of bloggers so your titles and content needs to be fresh, original and have the ability to grab the attention of a reader or fellow blogger in an instant.

Gaining a full time income with blogging means giving it a full time effort with a little overtime here and there, it is not something you can do three or four times a week or a couple hours a day. It is something that will take hours at first to do until you no longer have to read other people’s blogs and add them as friends. If your content is original, eye catching and can generate discussion amongst readers then you are on your way to gaining a full time income with blogging.

Most blogging sites don’t prohibit you from placing the same blog on other sites so if an entry is generating buzz you have the freedom of placing it on several other sites and that can draw people to your main site to read and hit your blogs. It takes time but the amount of time depends on you. If you work eight to ten hours a day in a retail store and you take those hours and add an hour or two here there shouldn’t be a reason why you cant get a full time income from blogging.

Lastly, the average writer can also be employed to create someone else’s blog. They can be paid to update the blog of their client. Of course, their client will end up getting the ad profits, but the writer will usually get a flat fee per post. For instance, a writer might get $3 per post. With a post being short, they will do pretty well. If they can take on several customers and write for several blogs, they will be able to make at least a part time job from it.

So, if you are interested in writing, and love to blog, try to find a way to create an income from both of these things. You can easily make money by being a master of the blogging world. You can gain fame as well as a worthy reputation as a good writer.

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