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Why People Slander People

It is easy to become a Blogger these days. Webmasters and business owners are easily attracted to the convenience and simplicity of Blogging. This includes the use of Pay-per Click Advertising. Pay-per-click advertising is deceptively simple, which means that business owners often jump in without knowing fully what they are getting in to. This can be a costly investment with no return. It is important that you know the pitfalls of pay-per-click advertising on your Blog.

PPC has not only a cost but also a variable cost associated with every click. As the cost per click (CPC) determine not only position (i.e. visibility) but also, via tracking, a tangible impact to a business in the form of cost per lead (CPL) or cost per acquisition (CPA), controlling these factors are critical but can be confusing and above all, time consuming. Bidding is the key to success, once a campaign is live, but the most important factor in any PPC campaign setup is selecting the correct keywords, as without these the pursuit of success is extremely difficult. For a busy Blogger who is trying to keep their Blog updated with quality content, monitoring the success of your PPC programs can be an inefficient waste of marketing time.

Another big waste of time is when a PPC firm deletes your account for committing some sort of PPC fraud or something else against the terms and conditions of your agreement. This happens when Bloggers are not aware of how the program works and accidental clicks can occur. Or worse, your account might be spammed and then you spend much time recovering what is yours or trying to get your account re-opened.

Is that PPC really profiting for your Blog? Because if it is not you should remove it for your benefit and the readers benefit. Most readers appreciate Blogs that are not overwhelmed with ads. It is not only distracting but also annoying. From the Bloggers perspective, you do not want to have other stimuli grabbing your reader’s interest away from your content before they even read it. PPC is supposed to benefit you, but if it is only redirecting your visitors than is it worth it? Are your leads converting in to sales? If not than all you have done by adding the PPC advertising to your Blog is redirected traffic to the benefit of no one.

Your readers will be more attracted to a Blog that has no PPC or little PPC advertising. They tend to take these Blogs more seriously, and less guarded about what they are reading. Where as a Blog that has massive amounts of PPC and links sends them warning signals that perhaps this is simply an advertisement of some sort, or rather not something that they should be taking seriously. Blogs that are strictly content and have a more professional look and it is easier to determine what the writer wants you to come away with. There is a niche in the blogging community that likes to boast about zero advertising. While there is nothing wrong with making money while Blogging, keeping your advertisements at a minimum, and well placed, will help your Blog.