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The whole family can blog and the whole family can make money at it, too. It also can be a fun activity to help people get to know you, but should be done safely.

There are a few safety precautions that children and teens should take when they decide to involve them selves in blogging activity. For example, they need to be careful which photos they use for their profile. It is better not to include any that would be too much of a clue as to a person’s whereabouts, such as in a particular house or near a school (unless it is in a spot not to noticeable).

Also, the comments on family blogs need to be monitored very carefully. There are a few different ways that comments can be kept track of. If you and your family want to allow anyone to comment a notification can be sent at the e-mail of your choice. If a teen wants his or her own blog it may be a good idea if the parent is the one who is notified of all new blog entries being posted.

Usually parents will respect the privacy of their teens, but in a case where comments are left to be made in public generally parents would be concerned. Any unwanted comments can be deleted immediately and any further abuse can be reported to the blog tracker moderator, such as the head of Blogger.com or Myspace.com.

In addition to the above ways of moderation of blog comments for those under 18, you can have your family blog set up so that people have to register before they are able to leave a comment. In addition, parents can moderate all comments before they are placed on a family blogging site. If it is a teen that is using the Internet the parent will hopefully have established a trust by that point to trust the teen to make the right choices on the Internet.

Another issue that is many blogging sites may contain objectionable material for minors. If adults want to block their child’s access to certain site they will want to consider purchasing a content filter to some of those sites. In addition, parents will want to monitor

Other than the general safety precautions, however, blogging can be fun for the entire family. Sometimes the family can make extra money as well. The most common way to make money blogging is through the use of blog ad revenue on the pages of the blog.

Starting a family blog can be a great tool for togetherness in this modern day and age. Anyone who is able to write can contribute to the content that could possibly make the whole entire family money. Family written articles can be place on this blog as well as a variety of other items as well.

Some families have members in them, which may like to experience with placing audio and video on blog sites. This can help increase the traffic on a blog site even more.

A family blog can be created for a variety of reasons. For instance, it can help introduce a family business, or it can help a young writer in the family launch his or her own writing career. Again, it is better for those under 18 to practice safety, and it is best that they use an alias while online.

Families can also display their craft projects on these sites, or perhaps even instructions on how to complete various remodeling projects. Still, there needs to be caution in this situation as much as possible, especially when kids involved, but it is possible.

Families who want to make a blog will most likely want to know what one consists of. The components of your family blog would include title, date, body, and author. The time of the day is also usually included in the blog. In addition, there are links, which lead to both comments to view, and there are also trackbacks, which are other blogs which link to the one you are posting.

Blogging is both writing, and interaction. Blogs can be about of the subjects mentioned above as well as about various political issues, or even about sports or pets. If you and your family need ideas for your blog you can observe some of the more well-known blog and profile sites such as Blogger.com, or Yahoo 360.

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