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If you are Blogging, then you should be pinging. New Bloggers may not be familiar with the term “ping”. Experts are pinging their Blogs, and using this as an efficient marketing tool. To make your Blog a success, it is necessary that you become familiar pinging, an important part of promoting your Blog.

A good Blogger should be creating good content and optimizing their Blog for search engines. Every time an update is made to the Blog you should take the time to ping your Blog. This is one of the easiest marketing tools available on the Internet. What could be better than a service doing your marketing for you?

The term “ping” is a computer network tool that is typically used on TCP/IP networks. The Internet is a TCP/IP network, so ping is used on it frequently. Ping works by testing whether a host is operating correctly. For example, one host will test to see if another host can be found on their network and if the host is working properly. To be more technical, it sends ICMP packets to the host and “listens” for replies. While the whole concept of “ping” can be quite confusing to the average Blogger, you do need to know how pinging your Blog will be a benefit.

Most Blogging sites are automatically set up to ping one or more servers at a time. This typically happens when you create a new posting or when you simply update your Blog. Even if you update more than once a day, each time you do, the system will likely ping a few servers. This really means that when you update or post, a signal is sent to a server, which then creates a list of the newly updated Blogs, and you will be included in that signal. The thing to know when you are a Blogger is that when you allow your Blog to be a part of this process, your Blog will be gaining much more exposure. When your Blog is added to that list of newly updated Blogs, people will be able to access it more frequently. When someone visits the recently pings page, your site will likely show up with a link to it as well. When there is an index of pinged data, you will likely get even more traffic than normal. In layman’s terms, this means that without any effort on your part, you are gaining more recognition.

If your Blogging software does not provide you with pinging services, there are many independent services on the Internet that will ping your Blog for you. You can search the Internet with the key phrase “ping your blog” and many sites will come up, such a Ping-o-matic or iPing. The process for using these services is simple. They will usually only require your Blog name and URL. The advantage to using these manual submission services is that you can choose which networks or servers to ping. For instance, if you are primarily new Blog you may only select the news services channels. Of course, the more networks and servers you select the more exposure you will gain.

The great thing about pinging your Blog is you can have all of the advantages marketing with high exposure without doing only a couple minutes of work. See if your Blogging software offers this type of service. If it doesn’t, search around to find the pinging service you like most. Generally these services are free. Use caution with any service that wants to charge a fee. You should also check in to the ratings of the service before you use it. Is it really a service used by many servers? Does it have a high page rank?

You may not see instant results with traffic to your Blog, but be patient. Remember that it takes time for a Blog to become a success, but pinging your Blog will make it happen that much faster. This is especially true for Blogs that are updated and pinged frequently with a substantial amount of consistent quality traffic. It takes just a minute and pinging is certainly much too important part of promoting your Blog to skip. Do not forget, after every entry, ping that Blog!

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