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Protecting Your Blogging Backside The Fine Line Between Opinions And Libel And Slander
April 27th, 2017

Put Money in the Bank with Blogging

When writing a blog, you have to be careful of many things. These days, the Internet is full of stories about celebrities and other people that are simply not true. You don’t want to create a blog that is full of stories that are false. While you may be popular for a little while, this will not last as people on the most part are fickle. Shock value will not retain an audience for too long. Creating a blog that is funny, sincere, and accurate are the best ways to retain a loyal audience that will return day after day.

Since Internet laws have become stricter, what you write about other people could get you into a lot of trouble and end up costing a lot of money. When writing posts for your blog, it is best to avoid calling people by their first and last names. You can make up names for these people, but you should not use exact names as this could be considered slander depending on what you are writing about them. It is best to create composite characters when describing a situation or event. This will blur the edges of reality and even if a person wants to make a claim, it will be much more difficult to prove.

Everyone has an opinion about something these days. While it is fine for you to express an opinion about something someone has done, you cannot write anything that degrades this person, threatens this person, or make an accusation that is not true. While slander is when one person makes fun of another person causing them emotional distress, libel is when one person accuses another of doing something they may or may not have done. Libel is a much worse crime to be held accountable for because people could lose their jobs if they have been accused of a serious crime or other activity that is not socially acceptable.

You will have to be careful about what you write. When composing a blog posting, avoid talking about people and instead focus on topics. This will help you stay focused and keep you out of trouble. While you can mention people who were involved in an incident, you should not delve into it any further. If you have people writing for your blog, explain the rules to them and proofread their work before you post it. Since your name is on the blog, you could get into trouble.

While the legal ramifications of libel and slander are minimal, you could be slapped with a civil law suit. This is a suit in which the person whose career or livelihood was threatened can sue for an amount of money, which is usually very high. These cases can drag on for years, so you should protect yourself ahead of time by not uploading questionable material. In addition, if you do get caught up in a lawsuit you may have to retain a lawyer, which can be rather expensive as well. So, you want to avoid these situations at all costs.

It can be difficult for some people to accept these rules. After all, the nature of the blog is that the writer can express themselves. In addition, you want to be able to freely speak your mind when it comes to blogging. Part of the fun is being able to express yourself. Most people do this anonymously, so there is little fear of public ridicule.

Blogging can be a lot of fun and it can also drive traffic to your web site. Being careful about what you are posting on your blog is important and should be taken seriously. You will retain an audience by posting funny, useful materials they will enjoy reading instead of wasting everyone’s time by posting items that are false or exaggerated. It is always better to be safer than sorry. No one wants their hobby of posting blogs to come back and bite them. After all, the blog is a lot of fun and should be kept as an enjoyable thing for everyone. Remember you cannot always control who reads your blog. Talking about someone, using his or her specific name can be very risky overall. So, just don’t do it!