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Self-Employed Why a Business Blog May Be Good for

Seo A Blessing And A Curse For Bloggers
May 28th, 2016

Search engine optimization may seem like an easy marketing tool to some Bloggers, but unless you are an SEO pro it is not an easy task. SEO takes work, even for a Blog. It requires that a Blog be set up in an optimized fashion and then also tracked and maintained this way. Without paying attention a Blogger can find themselves sinking in the search engine rankings, decreased visitors, and lack of good SEO is why. SEO, it can be a blessing and a curse for Bloggers.

Providing quality and consistent content for readers is, of course, the number one reason for becoming a successful Blog. This, and perhaps you have some affiliate links. This may get you listed with the search engines easily. But without a top twenty listing at one of the majors (Google, Yahoo! or MSN), you will not get any traffic. Better search results and increased rankings also require the right keywords (and knowing how to use them). Choose the most appropriate keywords for your Blog by searching WordTracker or Yahoo. If you have any links to outside sources, use the same keyword as your link text where possible. Also, for each blog posting, try and pick a different (but related) keyword to use. Feel free to reuse keywords every 30-45 postings. Using these words effectively and not spilling them throughout your Blog posts is important. The downfall to keywords is that they do change, and this again something that you should be monitoring and changing your content accordingly.

Search engine optimization is a constantly changing and transforming subject that is controlled by Google, Yahoo, and other major search engines. Your best hope is to try and learn the secrets. Many people will assume that some strategies will always work to optimize the site, but in some cases, these strategies do not really have as much of an impact as they used to. For example, many think that getting back links is the greatest strategy for getting there site to the top of the search engine. Although this is a strategy that still works, there is some talk about this becoming a less important factor. This is bad news for people who mass build sites. This is also bad news for those who are basing their ratings on their links. As a matter of fact there is some rumor that Google or other search engines will specifically not crawl sites that they think are full of “empty links”. This is an example of one another SEO curse. The fact that your Blog can be given a high rating based on current standards and then the search engine standards change, your rank could sink in a day.

Blogs do have the special ability to be pinged. This is a huge advantage because search engines will better see the Blog. This is a great marketing tool as it is a fast and easy way to increase the exposure of your Blog. Everyone who searches the net is looking for good content so that they can learn something. Search engines know this and keep trying to change the algorithm so that they can index the best sites on the top with the most quality content. As often as you update the content of your Blog, you should be optimizing your Blog. Some Blog hosting services provide a statistics counter to help you determine what about your Blog is working and what needs to be fixed. If you do not have this service you can find free services online to help you like, StatCounter. Use the statistics to determine where your visitors come from, how long they stay, what page they like most. You can even track the keyword activity on your account. Take advantage of what these services have to offer. Not only do they tell you more about your visitors, they will help you keep up with search engine changes.

It is important to keep up with how these changes will affect your Blog. You cant just expect that your site will be on the top of any search for too long if you do not keep up on the latest information. This is what will determine if SEO is a blessing or a curse for your Blog.

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