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Sounds like Spam to Me When Splogs are Disguised as Blogs

Spruce Up A Stagnant Website Create A Blog!
May 28th, 2017

Steer Clear of these Seven Mistakes in Blog Design

Without a blog, your website might simply be an online brochure for your product or services. The Internet is dynamic and interactive, a well planned website should be too. This includes interactions with the webmaster or an administrator. Weblogs or blogs are becoming more popular than ever and now are actually a popular marketing tool. Spruce up a stagnant website- create a blog!

A blog offers your visitors the opportunity to get to know the people behind the website. Depending on how you choose to you use your blog, your visitors can benefit from resources and information to question and answers about your website‘s content. If you enjoy writing, you may choose simple commentary or opinion about your industry to be the focus of your blog. Decide what the main idea of your blog is and stick to it. This will make it easier for you to develop regular content.

Now that you know what your blog content will be decide if you will host your own blog or use a free hosting service. The advantages of the free hosting services are their user-friendly environment. You can have your blog up and running in minutes. Customization features are available, but not nearly as extensive as an experienced webmaster. Keep in mind that if your blog name is registered with a hosting service you may not be able to keep it should you ever decide to leave the service.

After you have set up your blog place a link to it somewhere on the front page of your website. Be sure that it is eye catching and give the reader a reason to go there. You may want to include the blogs heading of the day under the link, or possibly the past few topic headings. On your blog, do not forget to have link back to your website. This should be a creative description of your site, and not just the name.

The advantage of now having both a website and a blog is search engine optimization. Every time you post an entry on your blog this adds to the content. Search engines will crawl your blog the more your post resulting in better search rankings. A blog can be optimized just as well as a website. Do not forget to include Google Adsense on your blog just as you would your website. Adsense can be placed on side bars and within text. Use caution with blog marketing. Many blog readers do not like to see too much advertising on blogs. They are strictly surfing for content. Content and consistency are what make a successful blog.

It is absolutely necessary that you add content to your blog on a regular basis. This can range from two to three times a week or even better every day. The more you blog the more exposure you will gain if you are using a ping service like iPing or Ping-o-matic.

When you add content and visitors make comment be sure to respond to them. Even if your response is a simple acknowledgement, this is important. Visitors will come back to see if you are reading their comments, and come back again if you do. Other visitors will enjoy the dialog as well. If you do not have the time or you do not have the writing skills to provide content for your site you should think about hiring a writer or administrator. There is also the option of article directories, but use caution as many of these hold duplicate content.

Quality, original and consistent content is what you want in a blog. Adding dialog from webmasters or administers to aid in resources or provide information will give the customer a personalized touch behind the website. A blog brings the standard website alive, offering a more interactive experience for the visitor. The webmaster providing commentary is something that can attract visitors than would not normally see in the website. The new craze of blogging provides a whole new marketing tool for webmasters and business owners. The residual effects of a successful blog will spruce up a stagnant website.