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Steer Clear Of These Seven Mistakes In Blog Design
May 28th, 2017

Terrific Tools to Get Your Blog Up and Running

You have taken the steps to create a blog and you have quality content, it is now time to design your blog. Designing your blog is an integral part of the blog marketing process. This is especially true now that there are so many blogs on the Internet and the competition is high. Some blogs with quality content may never receive any visitors simply because of some faults in the blog design. Steer clear of these seven mistakes in blog design.

1.Customize the Banner: The banner for your blog is what needs to capture your visitor’s attention. There are many generic banners used by the blog hosting services. Try to customize your banner so your blog will stand out from the rest. There are some free banner customizing websites, but for just a few dollars you can generally find a website to customize a banner unique to your site.

2. Customize Your Blog: Most free blog hosting services will give you basic templates to choose from for your blog design. A few of the services may have some customization features. Generally if you would like your blog to be more unique you need to go outside the free blog hosting services. There are websites that offer free templates and backgrounds or for a fee you can find more extensive layouts. This may take more time, but it is a way to make your blog stand out from the many that choose the simple templates.

3. Be Careful Where You Place Content: If your blog template uses a banner and template that consumes more than one third of the page before any content, a web surfer may just pass on by. Today’s web users are use to scanning web pages fast. If they do not see what they need quickly they will move on. Use caution when creating large graphics in your banner and headlines. Another reason for using caution in assuring the visibility of content is the way many web users surf the Internet. Often a visitor may have multiple windows open on there desktop. Your banner, headline, and content, need to grab your visitors attention without the need to scroll too far down your page.

4. The Blog is Too Busy: A couple of links are okay, but in the world of blogging readers do not want to be overwhelmed with advertising. Most blog readers are interested in the content of your blog and might me annoyed by too much outside sales and marketing. This can also lead the visitor away from your blog before you want them too.

5. Comments Go Unanswered: If readers take the time to comment on your blog than you or another administrator should respond to these comments in a timely manner. This encourages these visitors to return. This dialogue also makes your blog more interesting to read. If you do not return a comment there is a very good chance they will not visit your blog again. Ideally, it is good deceit to visit their blog as well. Not to mention leaving a short comment on another blog is simply a quick way of dropping another link to your own.

6. Not Updated Regularly: Not only is this frustrating to your readers, but you do a injustice to your own page ranking. The search engines love content and by updating your blog at least two or three times a week the search engines will crawl your blog more often. You will also retain more visitors.

7. Not Pinging your Blog: If you use a free blog hosting service, you may have seen this option offered to you. The big mistake is not taking advantage this service. Every time you write a new post you should ping your blog. This means a signal is sent to a server, which then creates a list of the newly updated blogs, and you will be included in that signal. There are many ping services on the Internet, such as iPing, Ping-o-Matic, and PingGoat. This ultimately gives your blog more exposure and increased traffic.

Do not let your quality content go unseen. Remember, that blog design is important, too. Steer clear of theses seven mistakes in blog design and your blog will stand above the rest.