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The Disadvantaged Blog: Why Free Blogging Sites May Not Always Work For You
May 28th, 2017

The Pitfalls of Pay-per-Click Advertising in your Blog

Many first time Bloggers have started their Blog on a free hosting service. These free Blog hosting services make it easy to get up and going quickly, and of course the fact that it is free is rather enticing. You have control of the basic features of your free Blog, including some template options, customized HTML and Adsense. However, not only might you be limiting yourself to the customization features but frequently the free hosts have bugs in their networks that impact your Blog and your visitor‘s. The free option might be a disadvantage to your Blog. Free Blogging sites may not always work for you.

Some of the problems with free Blogging services are bugs and spammers in the service’s network to watch out for. Some of the most popular Blog hosting services, like Blogger, are experiencing problems with Spam. Blogs also get deleted or banned in error and the owners are locked out. The Blog has to remain this way until it is reviewed because most likely someone or a spammer has “flagged” the Blog. This is an option on all Blogs to report the Blog in view as poor content, spam or otherwise unacceptable. The technology also seems to have a hard time keeping up with the number of users and the amount of content. The publishing and load times can often be very slow or freeze. Wordpress is another free option, but they have their own service issues. If they determine a Blog links to a website or looks as if it might be promoting people to go to a website, they will suspend your account without warning and lock you out of all the content. Wordpress also has certain conditions under which that consider a Blog to be a "Genuine Blog".

Keep in mind that free hosting limits your Blog because it is not 100% under your control.

There are other options for Blogging. It is necessary to take some time to find the right service for you. Blogging under your own domain name and installing your own Blog can prevent the bugs and frustrating issues that come along with free hosting. You may have heard that using a free host for your company’s website is bad for business, so why put your company’s Blog on a free host? The same goes for individuals. Freedom of speech and expression is the beauty of Blogging. These are people who likely produce no content of value themselves and think they know what is best for the rest of the world. Get your own domain name and install a Blogging platform that fits your needs. It’s the best advice you will ever get about Blogging.

Do not worry about the added benefits they may try to sell to, such as marketing your Blog. You can do this yourself by pinging your Blog at sites like Ping-o-Matic or iPing. Optimizing your Blog name and URL will be easier under your own site rather than under a host service. Many Blog hosts promote their directories and other promotions as other key marketing tools. The truth is that the only thing that is going to generate traffic to your Blog is quality content, good search engine optimization, pinging your Blog, and some online marketing. Another important fact to remember is you only own the Blog if it is on your own domain name. Everything else is just providing content for someone else. Have you ever thought about what you would do if you need to move your Blog from one host to another? Will you be able to retain the name of your Blog? You could loose a valuable Blog name or get stuck with a hosting site for a long time.

There are some definite disadvantages to free Blogging sites; they may not always work for you. Before you are enticed to sign up with their user-friendly set-up packages take a look at hosting your own Blog. Do not forget that ultimately the key to your Blog success is you and not the host company. This means you and your Blogging skills. Blogging under your own domain will give you ultimate control of your Blog and it’s appearance