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Bridal Shower Scratch Off Games Available In New York

The purpose of the book is to provide ideas and information about how to plan and execute a bridal shower. The book includes ideas about themes, decorations, refreshments, games, prizes, guest lists, etc.

Pros: is a 96 page book that was written by Laurie Dewberry. There are ten theme ideas and fifty craft projects that can be customized to fit nicely with the personality of the bride-to-be.

Each bride-to-be is unique and so, too, should be her bridal shower. The provides the bridal shower hostesses or the bridal shower planner to tailor the bridal shower to fit the particular bride-to-be rather than being just a generic bridal shower.

The invitations, decorations, entertainment options, menus, and party favors are each discussed in depth and there are directions included. There is a wealth of information, ideas and crafts that can be used to throw a stylish wedding shower.

Cons: There are no cons associated with the book. It is filled with excellent, practical and useable ideas.

Guarantee: Overstock does have a return policy as well as a guarantee of satisfaction. The policy varies from product to product but the general rule is that products must be returned within 30 days of the purchase and they must be in their original packaging. There is an automatic restock fee of $4.95 per item.

Value for money: At only $10.39 this 96 page book is a very good value for the price that is charged.

Where to buy: http://www.overstock.com/cgi-bin/d2.cgi?PAGE=PROFRAME&PROD_ID=1113600#moreinfo