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Benefits Of Training A Cat To Use The Toilet
April 27th, 2017

Necessary Steps to Toilet Train a Cat

People always like to talk about the tricks that they teach their dogs, but they do not always mention the fact that cats can also be taught new tricks. One of the most useful things you can do when it comes to cat training is to teach your cat how to use the toilet. This is not a dream: you really can teach your cat to do this if you take the time and are willing to do the work. Just imagine the looks your houseguests will give you once your cat shows of his or her new skill! The following are some of the chief benefits to teaching your cat how to use the toilet.


One of the best reasons for why you should toilet train the cat is that it is far better for the environment. Everything from the package the kitty litter comes in to the actual litter may be made with harmful or manmade chemicals. Even if you invest in so-called green kitty litter, you still have to face facts that you are investing in materials that are not 100% needed. The packaging of the kitty litter will not be able to be reused and can only be recycled so many times. Thus, if you want to do something positive for the world, it makes sense to consider training a cat to use the toilet.


Another stellar reason to training a cat to use the toilet is that you can get rid of the kitty litter smell in your home. When a cat uses their litter, no matter how well-scented the items are, the house is bound to stink up a bit. Thus, if you train your cat to instead use the toilet, your home will smell that much better. In fact, you can even train the cat to flush if you have enough patience.


And of course, one of the chief benefits to training a cat to use the toilet is that you will end up saving a good deal of money. If you added up all of the money you spend on a litter pan, litter, and on masking the smell of this box, you would quickly see that training a cat to use the toilet will save you a lot more money than you might think. After all, all you need for this is a toilet and some patience. In time, your cat will need nothing more than the bathroom door to be open.