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Cholesterol And Ph Balance

Many people who are not really familiar with what cholesterol does may think that it is something that is truly evil. Although there are many different types of cholesterol in the body, the two that are most talked about are low-density cholesterol, or LDL and high-density cholesterol, or HDL. Each of these has a very specific function. The low-density molecules carry cholesterol that is produced by the liver and deposit it in various areas of the body in order to provide it with what it needs. The high-density molecules carry cholesterol from those parts of the body back to the liver so it can be re-assimilated or released from the body naturally.

The problem is, many of us do have an imbalance in our body in which we have too much of the LDL cholesterol and not enough of the HDL. When this occurs, we are in a condition that can cause a number of different health problems, even though it is not necessarily the cholesterol it is going to cause the problems. For example, many individuals are overweight nowadays as a result of eating the wrong foods and not getting enough exercise. Somebody that is overweight is going to be at risk for various health problems, such as heart attack and stroke. These individuals are also going to have cholesterol levels that are out of sync with what should occur naturally. If you want to improve the cholesterol levels, you need to lose weight in this instance and that will balance out the numbers naturally.

Exercise is also something that creates an imbalance inside of the body, which includes a balance in the cholesterol numbers. If you do not exercise, you are going to be at risk for various problems, some of them very serious. Along with that, your cholesterol levels are going to be out of balance and you will have too much of what is considered the bad cholesterol and not enough of what is considered the good. The way to change this situation, in this instance, is to get some exercise regularly.

Regardless of why your cholesterol levels are out of balance, there is going to be a reason behind it which can include any number of variables. If you want to balance out your cholesterol, you're going to have to work on those variables and the numbers will align themselves naturally.