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Effects Of Antioxidants On Children

There is something that is constantly going on in the human body that is typically unrecognized by most individuals. This is the fact that many of the poisons that are in the environment around us, both in the air that we breathe, as well as the water and food that we ingest causes an oxidation process to take place inside of our body. Oxidation is the same thing that makes metal rust and inside of our body, it really destroys many of the good things that we try to do for it. Something else that happens as a result of the oxidization process is that free radicals are released into our system.

In order for us to get rid of these free radicals, which have the job of destroying our cellular structure, we need to stop the oxidization process. This is typically done by eating the right types of foods that are known as antioxidants. When we do this, our overall health will improve considerably and we will also notice differences in the cholesterol numbers that seem alarming to us. As a matter of fact, it is one of the first steps that we can take in an overall health pattern that will help us to lead longer and happier lives.

Most people will blame all of their problems or the possibility of problems on their cholesterol levels. Although cholesterol is a good indicator that something is going wrong inside of the body, it is not the only thing that needs to be taken into consideration. In order for us to balance our cholesterol naturally, we need to get rid of the underlying causes and in many cases, it is the free radicals that exist in our system. As we already stated, eating the right types of foods can be very beneficial in this regard.

There are lists of foods which contain antioxidants that are freely available on the Internet. Some of those that I found most beneficial, however, are blueberries and cocoa nibs. There are some other types of antioxidants which you can take but they are not readily available and in many cases, they may be quite expensive. By making sure that you are taking antioxidants which are available in your area, you will have a better chance of sticking with the regime and seeing your health improve, right along with your cholesterol numbers.