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Effects Of Antioxidants On Children

Many of us that are somewhat unhealthy have experienced a problem with our cholesterol levels. There are a number of different things that go into this problem but the reality of it is, we may not have been told the truth about it to the extent that we need to hear it. There are a number of different reasons why this may be the case but it seems that the pharmaceutical industry was interested in branching out and trying to get healthy people as regular customers. The cholesterol medication that they give you can help to balance out your levels, but it does so to levels that they determined for the standards.

You might be interested in learning that there have been some other studies which have been suppressed which show that cholesterol is not all that bad for you. Cholesterol is generated by the liver and all of us need cholesterol in order to live and to function as human beings. When we eat cholesterol through our diet, such as in meat, milk and eggs, it has been told to us that our cholesterol levels go up as a result. Some studies that have recently been done, however, tend to show that the cholesterol does not go up as a result of our diet and the liver simply makes less of it whenever we eat it in such a way.

If your cholesterol is out of balance, however, that does mean that you are totally out of the danger zone. What it typically means is that there is an underlying cause why the cholesterol levels have changed and you may want to look for that cause in order to determine whether it is damaging your health or not. For example, an individual that smokes cigarettes and has high cholesterol may take cholesterol medication in order to lower their numbers but does that take them out of danger of heart attack and stroke? In reality, it's the cigarettes that are killing them, not the cholesterol. The same is also true for obesity, lack of exercise, too much stress and any other trigger that may change the cholesterol numbers of individuals.

To naturally balance out your cholesterol, you need to be as healthy as possible on the inside and outside. You also need to be informed about the truths when it comes to cholesterol and exactly what it is and why it is in our bodies. You might be surprised with what you find.