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Effects Of Fasting 24 Hours On Cholesterol Levels

If you watch any amount of TV, you've probably seen a number of different commercials which are promoting various foods that can help with your cholesterol levels. Breakfast cereals are notorious for this. Although they can help to adjust your cholesterol to a certain extent by providing you with fiber and the cholesterol free food, they may not be making as big of a difference as what you are led to believe. Why is that?

There have been a number of different studies that show that cholesterol can be adjusted by the foods that we eat. Some of the more recent studies, however, show that the amount of cholesterol adjustment that is done through eating is rather miniscule. As a matter of fact, people that eat a high cholesterol diet don't always have a difficulty with their cholesterol as a result of eating it. What is typically the problem with these individuals is the fact that the foods which contain the cholesterol also tend to put a lot of weight on them so they are obese. These two things go hand in hand, obesity and high cholesterol and in order to correct the problem, you need to correct the source problem, which is the obesity.

The reason why eating a low cholesterol diet may not help to adjust your cholesterol is because the liver will adjust the amount of cholesterol that it produces, depending on the amount that you are ingesting. That isn't to say, however, that you should not watch your diet altogether as this can certainly help with your overall health and with your cholesterol numbers as well. It doesn't do this by avoiding the cholesterol, it does it by improving your internal balance and helping you to get rid of problems, such as obesity.

That is why it is important for you to make sure that you are as healthy as possible, both it the type of diet that you are eating and in any other health regime that you may be taking part in. Shoot for a diet that is high in raw foods, organic if at all possible. These feed your body the things that they need and they will help to push your weight lower, which is a common problem for many of us. If we are able to adjust our overall health through the diet that we eat, are cholesterol numbers are going to naturally even out as a result.