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Effects Of Fasting 24 Hours On Cholesterol Levels

All of us need cholesterol in our system as it is what helps to make the walls of our cellular system waterproof and allows them to function as independent living organisms. There are also a number of other benefits that come along with having cholesterol and it is something that is produced by the body naturally in order to keep itself perfectly in balance. There may be times, however, when our cholesterol levels get out of balance and the low-density cholesterol that carries its self to the outer cells from the liver gets too high while the high density which carries excess cholesterol to the liver its too low.

There are a number of different things which can cause this type of imbalance within the body and one of them is smoking. Many people go on some type of cholesterol medication in order to balance the numbers out to a certain extent but they still allow the underlying cause to reside because they refused to give up smoking. Well, I'll be the first one to admit that quitting smoking is one of the more difficult things that you would ever have to do, trying to correct a problem with cholesterol levels yet still allowing the smoking problem to occur is like putting out a 3 alarm fire with a garden hose.

Is it really a cholesterol problem that causes you to have heart disease or is it a problem because you smoke too much or because you smoke in the first place? Unfortunately, medical science is not really interested in having you give up smoking, unless you do so through some kind of prescription medication, because people that smoke gets sick and that puts money in their pockets. The same is also true with cholesterol. They will gladly write you out a prescription to level off your cholesterol but you're still going to be in danger of heart disease if you continue to smoke.

If you give up smoking, your cholesterol levels are going to balance out naturally but it is not necessarily going to be the fact that your cholesterol balances out which is going to benefit your body. Because of the fact that you are no longer taking in all of the toxins and poisons through the cigarette smoke, you are going to be a much healthier individual and will have an opportunity to live a longer life as a result.