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Effects Of Ph Levels On Cholestrol

If you were to stop 10 people off of the street and ask them if cholesterol caused heart attacks, they would answer you, of course it does! Unfortunately, this may not be entirely true and the reason that most people think that cholesterol is an evil thing in the human body is because they were made to think so by the pharmaceutical and medical communities. As a matter of fact, many individuals that know the truth about cholesterol feel that the only reason that cholesterol is considered bad is because it was the pharmaceutical companies way of trying to get healthy people as a regular customer.

Two of the things that you're going to be told that are going to happen whenever you have high cholesterol is you are either in danger of a heart attack or a stroke. This is enough to send anybody straight to the pharmacy in order to pick up their first prescription of cholesterol medicine. There have been some recent studies, however, that really shed some light on what is behind the entire cholesterol myth and what you can do in order to get yourself healthy, even if your cholesterol numbers are at an alarming height.

Quite often, people experience high cholesterol numbers whenever they have an underlying problem which is actually pulling the strings. For example, if you are 50 pounds overweight, and your cholesterol numbers are high, you are in danger of a heart attack or stroke. The reality that you need to understand, however, is it is the 50 pounds that you're carrying around and the fact that you're putting too much stress on your body that is putting you in that danger. If you lose the weight and lead a relatively healthy life, your cholesterol numbers will come right in line. That is why it is important for you to look for the underlying cause in order to correct the situation.

That isn't to say that you should not be alarmed if your cholesterol numbers are high, it is an indicator that something else needs to be taken care of in the body. What you should focus on, however, is eating a good diet, getting some exercise regularly, drinking plenty of water and avoiding stress whenever possible. These are the things that trigger the cholesterol numbers to go to high levels and once you have them under control, you will have your entire health under control.