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I'm sure that you have heard that it is necessary for you to control your cholesterol levels in order to avoid serious problems, such as a stroke or heart attack. The reason why this is the case is because there have been some skewed studies that were done by the scientific community which showed, incorrectly, that the cholesterol levels in individuals were directly related to the amount of deposits that were left on the inside of their arteries. As the arteries clogged, less blood was able to flow through them and the possibility of stroke or heart attack began to increase.

The reality of it is, however, cholesterol levels may have nothing to do with the possibility of having a heart attack or stroke at all. There is plenty of scientific research that suggests that even individuals with healthy levels of cholesterol still have the same rate of artery deposits as those that do not have a problem with their cholesterol. As a matter of fact, it is thought that the entire reason that there is such a drive to get people to watch their cholesterol levels is a ruse by the drug companies in order to make healthy people their newest customers and to make them customers for life.

The reality of the situation is, it is the type of health that we have which really affects whether we are going to have problems with heart attack and stroke. The thinning of the arteries may actually be as a result of a mild form of scurvy, in which the walls of the blood vessels become brittle and it is our body's own defensive mechanisms which caused them to cover over with plaque. Unfortunately, the body tends to over react in these situations and this plaque becomes build up over time.

The way to overcome the difficulty and to lower your risk of heart disease and stroke is not to take medication to lower your cholesterol, it is to add vitamin C into your daily diet through supplementation. This stops the scurvy from happening and reduces the plaque that is being built up in your arteries. It also helps if you take lysine and proline, two naturally occurring items that work as a lubricant that removes the plaque from your arteries and safely carries it to the liver where it can be released from the body.

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