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Sculpted Silicone Male

sculpted silicone male

Men often feel self-conscious about receding hairlines and baldness as a result of aging. The last thing they need to do is end up spending all their hard earned money on a procedure that does not work. Take for example hair transplants. It is better for a man to know if it works before following through with the procedure, otherwise, why would he not only waste his hard earned money, but also his precious time.

Men can be assured that usually hair transplants do work, but it depends on the overall density of his hair. The hair that is transplanted is usually removed from an area where the patient has more hair (the donor site) to the place where the patient has less hair (the recipient site).

One of the methods of hair transplants is known as the follicle transplantation procedure. This is described below:

First, the specialist creates a natural appearing hairline with single follicle unit grafts, and then grafts progressively larger follicles behind the hairline. This action will help the hair specialists to remove as many permanently growing hairs from the donor site to the recipient's head without sacrificing the natural appearance. The total amount of hair transplanted in this procedure is four to six times more than other hair transplant procedures.

More hair per session is transplanted, which will end up being less cost to the male patient as well as less disruption of his normal life.

The reason why hair transplants are selected from the patient's own hair is so the hair follicles are not rejected by the scalp. The transplanted hair contains the same color, texture, growth rate, and curl upon regrowth once grafted into the less dense area of scalp.

Also, men should note that the hair transplant procedure is known to be more popular than the scalp reduction and flap rotations. This is probably true because no scalp reduction is needed in the hair transplant procedure; it also hurts less, and is less costly as well as less time consuming. The person is more likely to return to his normal life after a hair transplant than any other hair loss and replacement procedure.

Upon deciding to have a hair transplant done, the patient should also remember another very important aspect, be sure to find a specialist who does nothing but hair. The person wanting this desired procedure will then have better results, because that transplant center will do one thing, and one thing well; hair transplants.

Furthermore, that patient should be sure to do research before choosing a hair transplant specialist. It is important for a person to have a doctor who is honest and able to cater to the patient's needs, and make him feel as comfortable as possible. That surgeon should also prepare the patient as much as possible before, during, and after the surgery.

If you happen to be a man that is wondering whether or not hair transplant is the right solution for you, be sure to contact a hair loss specialist. This person will help you make a better determination as to what is right for you.

If indeed this procedure does work for you, your overall quality of life will be improved. You will feel confident when deciding to talk to someone of the opposite sex to ask for a date. Either that, or if you already have a long term partner, you may feel more attractive to that person, and be able to perform even better sexually than you have before.

Not only that, but you may gain a new confidence in the corporate world. It's not to say that hair transplants are going to grant you an automatic promotion, but it is evident that those who feel better about how they look on the outside will also feel better about themselves on the inside.

Therefore, if you are a candidate for a hair transplant procedure, it is highly recommended that you receive a treatment soon.

If you have no idea where to start looking for a hair transplant specialist, you can call your doctor, a medical hotline, or consult a friend or co-worker who has had some success in the hair transplant procedure. Who ever you talk to may even be able to help make an informal assessment of whether or not you are an ideal candidate for this type of procedure.

Then, once you are at least 90% sure that this procedure is right for you, a qualified hair transplant specialist will see to it that you receive the most prestigious service possible.

After the procedure is finished, you are sure to feel and look young once again