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Sculpted Silicone Male

sculpted silicone male

Women are not the only ones who are interested in enhancing their chests. Many men are looking to plastic surgery to give them the chests that biology did not give them. Embarrassment at their appearance can be a thing of the past for men who choose to undergo this type of surgery. Let's take a closer look at how male pectoral implants can work to help some people.

Muscle tone and definition of the chest are easier for some men to achieve than others. Exercise alone can help but often not to the extent that most men want. The aim of male pectoral implants is to solve this problem so the patient can have a toned, well-sculpted and very masculine looking chest. Pectoral implant surgery helps to increase both the chest size and shape and it does this by the insertion of implants placed under the muscle. These pectoral implants are constructed from solid silicone (much like breast implants for women). Also during this procedure fat and/or glandular tissue is removed and in some rare cases, a certain amount of skin tissue as well. The end result is that a man's chest will be a great deal flatter, firmer and will improve both his physical appearance as well as his self-image. Some men who have suffered either an injury to their chest or a growth defect have muscles that are underdeveloped. In this case, pectoral implants can help by allowing for a more natural looking, symmetrical and manlier looking torso area for them to be proud of.

During the initial consultation, besides the standard questions that apply to all surgeries, such as medical history, how the procedure is done, risks, etc., it is important for the surgeon to discuss with the patient the various shapes and sizes of pectoral implants. Patients who have suffered an injury due to an accident or a birth defect might choose to have a special implant custom made. As a general guideline, after a mold of the chest is taken it will probably take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks for the lab to be finished constructing it. Many patients opt for pre-shaped pectoral implants while in other cases a decision is made to go with a standard implant but have the surgeon carve it into the shape and size implant that is most desired.

The plastic surgeon is there to help his patient decide on the best pectoral implant based on the shape and size of the individual's muscles. It is essential at this time for the patient to reveal to the doctor if he smokes, takes any kind of drugs (prescription, over the counter, including aspirin, or otherwise), has ever had any type of implant surgery in the past and whether or not he has a tendency towards the formations of keloids (overgrown scars that don't know when to quit).

Male pectoral implant surgery is usually done on an outpatient basis in a hospital and is normally performed under general anesthesia. This kind of surgery usually takes in the area of an hour or two to complete but if endoscopic techniques are conducted it could take a little bit longer.

At the onset of surgery a small incision is made in the armpit of the patient and the implant is then inserted endoscopically. Some surgeons prefer to approach pectoral implant surgery using non-endoscopic methods while many choose to go the endoscopic route. When endoscopic surgery is chosen, a thin tube with a tiny camera at the end of it is inserted into the patient's body, enabling the doctor to see what path he/she is taking through the body and allowing a greater degree of precision. The endoscopic method has two important benefits, first it reduces the size of the incision that is made in the patient's skin and secondly it cuts down on the amount of bleeding. The surgeon then sets to work placing the implants directly under the pectoral muscle. The surgeon then closes up the incisions by suturing (or stitching) them. What will keep the pectoral implants in place are either the sutures that are temporarily showing through the skin or the strength of the overlying chest muscle.

Mild to moderate pain can be expected after male pectoral implant surgery and a complete recovery from the surgery can take up to a period of six weeks. The majority of men who undergo this surgery find that they can go back to doing their regular activities within a period of a month or thereabouts