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Sculpted Silicone Male

sculpted silicone male

Women have many reasons for wanting breast augmentation cosmetic surgery. Their left and right breast may not be the same size, so they feel self-conscious about it. Some women may have little to no breasts in which to properly fill out bras and clothing. Being self-conscious about their bodies can undermine their self-confidence and esteem. Other women might be eyeing breast augmentation after having a mastectomy. In all of these cases, the most likely scenario is breast implants. In fact, when it comes to creating breasts or enhancing the size, implants are really the only option for women. As with all medical procedures, there are many things to think about in regards to having breast augmentation cosmetic surgery. Listed below are but a few of those things you should think about when it comes to getting breast implants as part of your surgery:

1. The risks - Are you fully prepared for all the risks of breast augmentation surgery? There are numerous complications that can occur when receiving a breast implant. First of all, some people may have adverse affects to the anesthesia. Secondly, infection can occur at one or more of the incision sites or around or within the implant itself. Sometimes, scar tissue will form around the implant making your new breasts feel hard and uncomfortable. There is also the chance of the breast implant rupturing.

2. Types of breast implants - While silicone breast implants are not commonly used these days, they are still available. Numerous studies have been conducted regarding the rupture factor of silicone implants. Some scientists say that certain autoimmune or neurological diseases can occur if a silicone leakage occurs. Another camp of scientists says that there is no valid evidence that points to those risks. In any case, silicone implants are soft and malleable and many women who have them say that they produce a more natural looking breast.

Saline implants are safer, especially if an accidental rupture occurs. Because the main ingredients are saline and water, it is easily absorbed by the body. Saline implants are firmer than the silicone version. And with saline, there are more options to choose from in regards to shape, size and adjustments. Some versions of the saline implant have tiny valves where your cosmetic surgeon can add additional saline or take some out, depending on the size and shape you want. With this option, an outpatient clinic visit to perform the adjustment can be done practically up to six months after your surgery.

3. Breast implant placement - The placement of your breast implant is partly up to you and partly up to the surgeon. You have to know all of your options and decide which one is right for you. Once your cosmetic surgeon evaluates you, they will have a good idea on what method of placement would be most beneficial to you. One type of placement puts the implant between the muscle of the chest and the breast tissue. Recovery time is shorter and not as painful, but the drawback is that the implant might be able to be seen through your skin and mammograms are more difficult to conduct. The second type of placement is behind the chest muscle. The recovery time is tougher, but there are slightly less risks with his option and mammograms are easier to conduct.

4. Living with no guarantees - Unfortunately, breast augmentation and breast implants come with no guarantees. Just think about the risks that were mentioned above! There are also no guarantees that the result you get will be exactly what you want. While the cosmetic surgeons try to make incisions where they will be less noticeable, you will always have scars to serve as a reminder of your time under the knife. Luckily, clothing hides these scars.

5. Choosing a cosmetic surgeon - You want to feel comfortable allowing a stranger to basically cut you open. So it pays off to do a little research of the cosmetic surgeons in your area. Ask around. If a neighbor or family member has had cosmetic surgery, find out who they went to. Get several opinions and compare what each surgeon tells you. Check their credentials and see if there have been any complaints (or praises) through the various governing medical boards.

Implants as part of your breast augmentation cosmetic surgery is something to not be taken lightly. After all, you have to live with the consequences. Consider the steps listed above and hopefully you will make the best informed decision for your future