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Sculpted Silicone Male

sculpted silicone male

Many people when they age do not like the fact they have deep wrinkles, increasing furrows, or skin depressions on their faces due to age. If you are one of those people, you may want to consider have a fat transfer performed on you.

If you choose to have this type of surgery done, you may feel younger, and look younger again too. Also, you may feel more confident socially and sexually, and will be more likely to perform better on your job. This is because those who feel better about how they look on the outside will often feel better themselves on the inside. This increased self esteem always boosts one's confidence, and causes that person to have a better outlook on life.

If you choose to receive a fat transfer treatment, the fat is usually taken from an area of your body where it is not needed or desired, and transferred to the wrinkle, furrow, or frown line to be filled in.

Furthermore, this is a safe and effective procedure in which to correct the problem of the aging skin, because the fat comes from the persons own body, to which there is no allergic reaction. You can be confident that this procedure will help fill in your cheeks, chin, lips, and lower eyes with little to no complications.

One common example of an instance where fat transfer is used is to add bulk to the lips, for a younger look. Another function of a fat transfer would be to replace the skin within the crevices in your face which have formed upon moving your mouth or smiling. You may also want to fill in saggy spots under your eyes with this type of procedure as well.

The procedure of fat transfer begins with the patient under anesthesia. During this time, fat is removed from the abdomen, buttocks, or hips. These are the best areas in which to take the fat from, because there is often plenty of it in these areas. After the fat is removed by way of a thin metal tube called a cannula with a syringe attached, it is separated from the anesthetic solution.

Then, it is placed in smaller syringes for injection in to the recipient area, into which the fat is to be transplanted. Right before injection, one or two incisions are made to make the injection process easier. This procedure will usually provide for a younger looking face, and increased feeling of self worth in the recipient.

If you are wondering if you are an ideal candidate for a fat transfer, seek advice from a qualified fat transfer specialist, or from your own medical doctor. Another great resource on information regarding fat transfers would be to consult a friend, family, or neighbor. They are sure to help give you the advice you would need.

Also, for your information, a fat transfer doctor will usually tell you the advantages to fat transfers versus absorbable fillers for the transfer such as collagen, restylane, hylaform, dermologen, or others. He will also tell you that he does not recommend permanent fillers such as silicone, gortex, methal methacrolate, or artecoll, because these could cause deformities within a person.

Fat transfers are thought of to be safer than any of the above synthetic fillers, and usually have a permanent effect on a person. One of the only complications associated with fat transfers is that some of the fat may not survive the transfer process. In order to receive the desired permanent result, the patient may have to receive repeat treatments within four to six weeks until the problem is fixed. After that, the fat transfer should have a permanent effect on the individual receiving the treatment.

If you are wondering if a fat transfer operation is right for your situation and your condition, feel free to contact a doctor who specializes in that field. Furthermore, be sure to ask your friends, family, neighbors and associates if they have had any success with rejuvenating parts of their body with this type of operation.

If you already have consulted friends, family, and your doctor, and you are still unsure about the consequences of a fat transfer surgery, make sure you do some of your own research. Many websites offer information on different aspects of receiving a fat transfer operation, including recovery time, and complications of such.

Also, you can get a second medical opinion, or call a medical hotline. Then, you may be sure that you are making the right decision, and you will know exactly how a fat transfer can benefit you