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Sculpted Silicone Male


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sculpted silicone male

Before undergoing plastic surgery, potential patients need to consider a variety of factors. Each of these factors should be carefully thought out and the patient must be certain to be comfortable with each of them before proceeding with any form of cosmetic surgery.

Can I Afford the Surgery?

No cosmetic surgery is cheap. It costs a great deal of money to bring together the knowledge and expertise of a surgical staff to complete your transformation. It takes careful planning and many visits both before and after the surgery. All of this costs money. For the most part, insurance companies do not cover the expenses associated with cosmetic surgery, unless there is a medical need. For example, nose surgery may be needed to correct a deviated septum or eyelid surgery may be necessary if it blocks vision. Otherwise, the patient needs to come up with the funds entirely on his or her own.

Do I Have the Time?

Most forms of cosmetic surgery are very time consuming. As already mentioned, the patient has to make many visits to the doctor. In addition, the healing process can be quite time consuming. Patients need to be sure they have the time available to commit to the entire process.

Can I Get Time Off From Work?

In order to dedicate the time necessary to successfully complete cosmetic surgery, most people will need to take time away from work. It is important for a potential patient to be sure he or she has time available to be away from work in order to complete the surgery.

Can I Refrain From Physical Activity for Long Periods of Time?

Proper recovery from cosmetic surgery requires refraining from strenuous activity for several weeks. Any activity that can raise the patient's blood pressure needs to be avoided. This includes lifting, running, bending and even sex. Patients need to be sure they are prepared to refrain from all of these activities for several weeks prior to undergoing surgery.

Am I Healthy Enough?

Cosmetic surgery has all of the same risks associated with any form of surgery. I potential patient suffering from diabetes, heart problems, circulatory problems, or high blood pressure needs to seriously consider the elevated risks involved with having surgery.

Am I Strong Enough?

Undergoing cosmetic surgery can be emotionally difficult. Many patients experience feelings of depression during the few weeks following certain procedures because their faces are bruised and swollen. Unable to see the results and in pain, patients can begin to regret having undergone the surgery.

How Will I Explain this to My Friends and Family?

Figuring out how to explain the surgery to friends and family can be tough. Of course, the patient is his own person and has the right to make his own decisions. Nonetheless, it can be difficult to get friends and family to accept the changes caused by cosmetic surgery. Friends may tease the patient for getting surgery. Family members may feel offended by the patient's desire to change the way he or she looks, particularly if the trait is a family or ethnic characteristic.

Will I Be Able to Handle Criticism?

It is difficult to keep something like cosmetic surgery a secret from those the patient sees every day. Therefore, it will be a very public operation. The time away from work or other regular activities will arouse curiosity. Co-workers and other peers will undoubtedly notice the difference upon the patient's return to regular activities. The patient needs to be prepared to answer questions from his or her peers. He or she also needs to be ready to handle stares or uncomfortable silences as peers wonder about the change but are too uncomfortable to ask. Before undergoing the surgery, the potential patient needs to decide whether or not he or she wants to tell these people ahead of time or wait until after the surgery is complete.

Am I Ready to Handle Potential Side Effects?

Not all cosmetic surgeries work out perfectly. Side effects are possible, even permanent side effects. The potential patient needs to be sure to be educated about these possible side effects and determine if it is worth risking the side effect in order to undergo the cosmetic surgery.

Do I Have Realistic Expectations?

Potential cosmetic surgery patients need to have realistic expectations. Expecting perfection is not realistic, though expecting improvement is. The potential patient needs to discuss potential outcomes thoroughly with the surgeon and enter the surgery with realistic expectations of the outcome

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