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Sculpted Silicone Male

sculpted silicone male

Some ladies may be shocked to hear this, but it is true. Guys are known to want to feel better about their looks just as much as women do.

The reason why guys go for cosmetic surgery is because they believe that if they look better, they will feel better about themselves, just as women would who have a similar surgery. They also will feel better able to succeed on the job market, or feel desirable enough for a woman to marry. They will also feel more confident after surgery when trying to please a woman in the bedroom.

Therefore, if you are a lady who is questioning your man's intentions of receiving cosmetic surgery, do not worry. It has more to do with his personal self-image than it does with you, or trying to replace you.

The top five cosmetic procedures that guys go for are as follows:

Hair loss or hair replacement procedures: Most guys 45 years and older tend to feel self conscious about losing hair. Therefore, they may decide to get a hair transplant, scalp reduction, or flap rotation. The hair transplant is by far the most popular way for a guy to be rid of bald spots. This procedure involves removing hair from a more dense area on the scalp to a less dense area on the scalp, concealing the patient's baldness. This can involve less pain and shorter recovery time than the scalp reduction or flap rotation techniques, and does not require removal and/or transplants of parts of the scalp.

Manicures: Believe it or not, ladies are not the only one who like their fingernails (and in some cases, toenails) to look clean and sophisticated. Many guys have had their nails filed, shined, buffed and clear painted, just like some ladies have done. They even have had there cuticles removed. The only difference is that a guy's fingernails still tend to be shorter than a lady's in most cases.

Chest Enlargement: Some ladies who read this may say to themselves, what!? Well, even though modern day society is more forgiving of men who have flawed bodies than women are, guys will admit they feel just as self conscious about their chests, as women do about their breasts. Therefore, they will decide to get solid silicone implants placed under the chest to enhance the bulk and protection of the chest muscles.

One thing a person should know about this type of surgery: A person who gets a chest implant enlargement surgery is able to work-out up until the surgery, but then should not engage in any heavy activity for three weeks after surgery. This procedure is most likely more safe for a man than steroids or other muscle enlarging drugs. Therefore, be careful before and after this surgery if you are the one whom the surgery is being performed

Liposuction: Believe it or not, more and more men are becoming conscious about dieting and weight gain. Some men will also go as far as having a liposuction procedure done to remove fat. The amount of men getting a liposuction procedure to improve the shape of their bodies has tripled since 1992. The fact remains that more men want to look good too, and be healthy just like women do.

Also, even though liposuction in itself is not a mandatory surgery that can save someone's life, it does have an effect on a man's health. A person who receives liposuction treatments is likely to have less fat content on that person's body, reducing risk of heart disease, diabetes, back problems, or other complications.

Penis enlargement surgery: No matter how much the ladies try to tell their guys that "it's not the size of the ship, but the motion of the ocean that matters", many guys still opt to have this surgery done. If it is not for the women in their lives, men choose to have this done to enhance their own personal self esteem. Two different surgeries are usually performed on the penis during this genital enlargement procedure. One is to enlarge the girth of the penis, and the other is to enlarge the length of the penis. Both of these procedures together provide for correct organ proportion.

Now, to ladies reading this, don't be too surprised. Men have a thing called an ego, which is similar to our need for acceptance, and they want to look good to. Therefore, don't be shocked when a guy says to you that they want to get cosmetic surgery. The best thing to do is support your man through this, and think of the end result.

You could end up with a whole new man in your life afterwards. Chances are he may treat you better, because he feels better himself. He may even be more willing to take on a long term relationship.

The reason why this is, guys often are not concerned about being with someone other than the woman they are with. Rather, they are concerned about being able to be attractive enough for that woman, and of course, they do not mind the occasional flirt, as women do, from an attractive stranger that can add a smile to one's face.

Therefore, for all practical purposes, a man will often have a cosmetic surgery procedure, just as a lady would