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Fat Necrosis After A Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty

fat necrosis after a tummy tuck abdominoplasty

Lasers are the scientific answer to the pleas of men and women everywhere who shy away from invasive surgery and who do not have the time to be recovering for extended periods of time from an extensive surgery. As a matter of fact, so much can nowadays be accomplished with a laser that it almost appears to be the new cosmetic surgery method of choice. What lasers can do for cosmetic surgery is truly an amazing feat in the progress of medicine and science. Thus, if you are ready to perhaps start off the New Year with some self-improvement, or perhaps you would simply like to give yourself the gift of looking as young as you actually feel, the laser could be the answer to your questions.

Consider the use of laser technology in modern wrinkle reduction procedures. Whether it is your habit to frequently frown, natural aging, or simply homage to your sun worshipping days, wrinkles are a result of many factors that leave the skin less elastic and more prone to lines. While this method is not indicated for deep lines and wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, and even stretch marks may be visibly decreased by the use of laser wrinkle reduction. An added benefit is the fact that there is no lengthy recovery time patients must undergo, but instead this treatment can neatly fit into the time allotted for most lunch breaks! The methodology is quite ingenious: the laser energy is transmitted to the dermal skin tissue, bypassing the outer layers of skin without causing any damage. The energy so transmitted will then begin a chain reaction within the skin that causes it to rebuild collagen and thus smooth out any wrinkles and lines.

Although not necessarily considered cosmetic surgery, the laser has also found its use in the field of hair removal. As a matter of fact, laser hair removal is the answer to all those who are disgusted with heating up wax, plucking and tweezing. The process simply destroys the hair follicle so no hair will ever grow from it again. Unfortunately, not everyone is a good candidate for this type of treatment. Since laser energy is nothing more than light based, those who have salt and pepper hair, or perhaps even white hair, will find that they will not be able to be successfully treated. The same is true for dark skinned patients.

Probably the most celebrated use of laser energy in the field of cosmetic surgery is the removal of spider veins. You have probably noticed the purple or deep red little lines that seem to cluster in certain areas of your physique, usually the arms or legs, sometimes even the face and back. These veins are not of vital necessity for the body, and are more or less a cosmetic nuisance. It is no surprise that many who have found them on their bodies would like to be rid of them once and for all. This may be accomplished with the help of laser treatments. The laser energy enters the skin and directly damages the unsightly veins. Serving no purpose, they eventually collapse and disintegrate.

Of course, all these treatments do very little to counteract destructive behavior, and it is imperative that you still follow all the common sense rules you already know and yet still may ignore; i.e. you know to apply sunscreen whenever going out of doors, and to repeat the application frequently. Similarly, you are aware that the use of moisturizers will aid you skin in keeping that youthful and healthy glow that signals its protection from the elements and harmful external influences. Additionally, once you do undergo laser therapy, it is imperative to follow the physician's recommendations to the last iota to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment and to also ensure that there will be no adverse effects from the laser surgery to your skin. Many times a patient will be so excited about the changes and improvements that she or he may forget that while laser therapy was instrumental in the change, it is not a cure all and will not prevent any further damage from occurring! So stay healthy, look healthy, and yes, you can cheat the signs of ageing