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Domain Name Check

Domain Name Servers
May 31st, 2016

Have you heard about domain name servers? If so, then you've definitely heard about domain name servers. Why? This is for the reason that domain name system and domain name servers are just the same. They have similar functions and role in the place of domain names.

In this article, I will be mainly using the term domain name servers than the domain name system. So speaking of this thing it is necessary for you to know everything about it since the domain name servers play a vital role in the domain name process.

Generally, the domain name servers are internet service that transforms or translates the domain names into an IP or Internet Protocol addresses. These IP addresses are used by all machines to refer to one another. And every time that you use a domain name, you basically use the internet's domain name servers or DNS to translate the human-readable domain name of course to the machine-readable IP address. So don't get surprised to know that during a day browsing the internet or e-mailing, you might access the domain name servers for hundreds of times.

Given the fact that the domain name servers translate domain names to IP addresses, many people might think that this is just a simple task. Well, it does sound really a simple task, but there are five main things that make the task quite tough. Perhaps, one of those five tough things is the fact that there are billions or more of IP addresses that are recently in use. In relation to that, there are more machines that have a human-readable domain name as well. The second thing could be the reason that along with the billions IP addresses, there are many billions or so of domain name servers that are created every day. In fact, a person can easily make a hundred of billions or more domain name requests for just a single day and there are greatly hundreds of millions of human beings and machines that are using the internet daily.

Another factor for the domain name servers that is worthy of consideration is the fact that domain names and IP addresses generally transforms daily and on the other hand, new domain names are get created daily. And lastly, it is a great fact that millions of people do the task to transform and to add domain names and IP addresses every day.

Well, that is how simple and at the same time complicated the domain name servers are. And whatever the case may be, it is very nice to know that such kind of stuff exist in the world for a particular purpose, and that what makes the domain name servers a vital part in the internet world

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