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Domain Name Transfer

The Domain Name System
April 27th, 2017

Domain Name Search

The advent of the domain name on the web brought multiple developments in the virtual reality. So along with the development of the domain name stuffs, the concept for a domain name system surfaced. But even if many of the people today are familiar with the existence of the domain names, some are still ignorant about the domain name system which plays a vital role in the domain name world.

So today, I will mainly deal with the domain name system and so to give you the basic idea about this particular thing. So you better read on.

The domain name system or commonly called as DNS is such a powerful tool that contributes a vital part in the domain name process. It is then interesting to know that the domain name system is also called as domain name service or domain name server. In most simple terms, the domain name system is the internet service that transforms or translates the domain names into an Internet Protocol or known as IP addresses.

Speaking of the Internet Protocol for its relation on the domain name system, one of the concrete examples for this thing is the IP address of So you want to know who owns this IP address, right? Well, this is the IP address of the Domain.com, so if you type it into your browser address bar, you will automatically be directed to the Domain.com web site. However, because the internet uses the IP addresses to locate web sites, many internet users would have a hard time remembering long strings of numbers that the domain name are founded upon friendly letters. So with that, many of the people would find it easy to use the Domain.com than its IP address.

In relation, when you type in a domain name, a domain name system will then translate the domain name into the corresponding IP address. The domain name system is then its own network, which is a group of computers that are linked together. So for the domain name system to translate the domain names into IP address, the computer you are using is the basic source of the process. So the process that the domain name system is responsible begins at the computer you are using and then it continues until it finds the correct IP address.

Today, there are actually lots of computers which hold information about the domain name system and they usually cache how to translate a domain name to an IP after they have recognized it out once. Lastly, the domain name system not only relates to domain names but as well as to aid e-mails in finding the right computer it is supposed to reach