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Knife Dream Symbol
Dreams And Their Interpretations
Interpreting Dreams About Death
Dreaming About The Boss
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Interpretation Of Dreams Losing Teeth
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Analizing Dream
Analyzing Dreams Cheating Spouse
Analyzing Dreams
Analyzing Dreams And Their Meaning
Falling Dreams
Ancient Roman Dream Interpretation
Anima Theory Carl Jung

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The Interpretation Of Dream


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It is a fact that we humans are the only species that does not utilize the full capacity of our brains. We only actually use about 10% of our brains and as such we are not fulfilling our true role as if we were made to only use 10% of our brains then why does every other animal use their entire brain capacity. We are also most often in disharmony with the rest of the world and this can cause us great dissatisfaction in life as well. One key example of this is the fact that the dolphin has the same neuronal capacity as a human being but is able to use all of its brain and not just a fraction. They are fun loving creatures that are in harmony. Why canít we be the same?

If we were using all the capacity that our brain has then we would be more in harmony in life and would never be a part of all the ills that are going on today. We would have the knowledge and harmony as a species to live with the other beings in harmony. This however is not what is going on in the world today. As individuals we therefore have a role to play. We have to try to train our minds to achieve this goal and to attain dreams and self-fulfillment in the process.

We are all designed with the capacity to achieve dreams and much more to even use the full capacity of our brains. The question that often arises is how we achieve all this. If we continue in our present directions we are indeed going backwards as everyday we stand to lose as much as 100,000 brain cells from disuse. It is not as difficult as it seems to achieve a greater awareness of self and to use more of your brain capacity.

We have to train ourselves and our brains to move away from things such as low self-esteem and move towards a better way of thinking. The way to achieve the retraining of our brain can be through many methods but one of the most effective is the use of subliminal learning exercises. We have to grow in self awareness and unfold. This means knowing all about you, your life and the behaviors and choices that you make whether unconsciously or consciously. All these aid in guiding you through life and determine your outcome.

Thorough subliminal learning the more you gains control of your mind and body, the more mentally and physically competent you are and you feel better about you. You are able to attain spiritual development and attain a higher state of consciousness. You wake up from your mundane life and find alternatives and opportunities that you have never dreamed about. The use of brain exercises and subliminal learning will open tools such as self-talk, self-analytic tools and self-awareness.

You can make much progress with the use of subliminal tools to achieve dreams. Dreams make you able to face yourself and be happy. You are able to handle the worries of the world without becoming bogged down and are able to face each day in a positive manner. When you know all about yourself and have control of your thoughts and mind you are able to approach life with a higher level of understanding and are able to face each day as holding new potential and adventures. The world is then a better place and you are able to function through life a happier and more enlightened person. Reveal your inner self. requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 1 seconds. Current time: 9:38:57 AM